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    I'm just getting started with the design of my first carputer and I've been doing alot of research. I really want to install a Clifford alarm in my car, but I can't find a place to buy the alarm. Is it possible to buy a Clifford Alarm online, or from a retail that does not require installation, or do you have to have the alarm installed? I found a few systems on ebay, but it seems they disappear quickly, not just purchased but this listings are being removed.

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    As last I knew, you could only buy a Clifford alarm installed, no online or over-the-counter. I used to be an installer, and unless things have changed in the past 5 years, Clifford dealers only sell it as an installed package (obviously because they make more on the labor, but Clifford will not warranty any alarms not installed by an authorized dealer).


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      They can be purchased online. Install is not easy with these things (or any alarms) unless you've done it atleast a couple times. an install on my dad's truck took me 9 hours (first install).
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        Clifford dealers only sell it as an installed package

        I had mine installed "professionally" so as they call it. Heres the professionally installed alarm by clifford dealers :

        The alarm was installed next to the radiator hose pressing on it very hard. It melted the alarm housing and damaged the hose. I relocated the alarm and have to replace the hose.

        The controller was double sided taped under the footwell, damm thing came off while I was driving. I needed to move tha controller under the centre console.

        The drivers central locking no longer works, yup someone left one of the wire unconnected. I had to reconnect the central locking ground.

        The wires was run all over the the end I have to reinstall the whole unit, not easy when the wire has all been chopped into bits. The biggest bodge up I ever seen in my life

        I came back to buy the window controller and the interface cable...the dealer and the engineer told me Im not authorised to install and refuse to sell it. When I asked for the circuit diagram they laughed thinking they are the only poeple who knew how to install an alarm. I looked at the circuit and said wow how hard is it really to install a window controller They eventually sold me the items without warranty for the price including the install. I said fine because I wont let anyone touch my car. They got offended, the engineer told me that he install alarms for 20 years and I have no chance in installing it myself. Yeah you got 20 years experience in bodging things up, I know because thats what exactly you done to my car

        I know one guy whos building an over £70,000 kitcar for a show/demonstrator, he spent years on it. Then the clifford guys came along and chopped his wires all over the places...nice.


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          I'm going to reneg. They can be found for sale on the web, but that doesn't mean you'll actually be able to get one.

          Apearantly Clifford has told ebay that the sale of their items infringes their copyright, and is having them regularly remove the content.

          what a load of BS!
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            I've had very similar experiences with installers as Ricky, which is why I want to do the install myself. I have a feeling that most of the people on this board have the mechanical aptitude to install a car alarm, it's not that hard. If anyone finds a place where the alarms are sold online let me know, it will be greatly appreciated.

            BTW, How the heck is selling a used alarm on Ebay a copyright infringement??


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              I'm not a lawyer, but I've got two of them in the family. I can't even concieve of a way that it would be copyright infringement...

              well, i can... but no reasonable way!

              I found a bunch of sites selling the alarms. i'll post them in five
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                The only reason why I agreed that they install it for me because of the insurance company needing the so call thatcham certificate. Otherwise ill have gone my way.


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                  I'd buy from the first one just because their website isn't F*ing annoying
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                    I just bought the Clifford alarm off eBay. I paid $130 for it + another for installation (its going to be done after Jan. 5).
                    It's a Matrix RS2 (with the remote start) and it will be installed in the manual car.
                    I wont have any warranty on it, but i didnt expact any for that price.

                    btw: you can get the alarm from this site for cheap: I didnt buy anything from them yet so i cant say if they are reliable or not, but for the amount of money you would save you can make a research before getting anything.

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                      I've been installing Clifford alarm for over 9 years now. I'm currently a Clifford/DEI certified installer. My work has been praised by local dealers. This makes me proud of my skills as most dealers tend to blame anything wrong with the car on the aftermarket alarms that was installed elsewhere, even if you go in for a wheel alignment warranty work. They'll try to get out of it by saying something like "Well when you got the alarm installed, they used screws to mount the siren and the drilling sent shockwaves through out the whole car and caused the wheels to misalign and therefore your alignment is not covered under the warranty" or some **** like that.

                      I know there are shady installers who have years and years of experience. That's what makes me mad. They have all these years of experience and still do ****ed up installs. I mean c'mon if you cant make it look professional then stop installing and go flip burgers at McD's. My brother just bought an 03 RAV-4 and wanted remote start with full alarm. I kept telling him let me do the alarm. I can hear the salesman in the background telling my brother that their alarm "specialist" can do guranteed professional job. They offered my brother full alarm with remote start for $300 installed. I told me brother that that's a really good deal especially from a dealer. He went ahead and did. The guy came out to my brother's house and did the install. He couldnt get the door locks to work and the car starts up and dies. He mess with the install for 2 days. My brother was all ****ed off and talked a lot of **** to him, "my brother could have gotten it done in 4 hours. why is this taking you 2 days? do you even know how to install?" The installer was ****ed. Finally my brother called me up for advice to get the door locks to work and the remote start to work. It turns out that he didnt use a immobolizer integrater and didnt not integrate child safety lock. I had to talk to him step by step. I told the installer that I've been installing for over 9 years and he came back with "I've been installing for over 12 years" Anyway the guy was a freaking idiot.

                      Clifford was recently bought by DEI. All G4 alarms dont come with installation manuals. Thats why all G4 alarms have to be dealer installed. When you become a Clifford dealer, one of the retailer agreement was to sell the alarm WITH installation and perform the installation. The dealers have access to all the color codes of the alarm and the cars and all the tech tips for all the cars out there to get the alarm working. If you think you can do the installation yourself, more power to you. But please realize that clifford alarms are basically a computer with microprocessor built in. If you bought the alarm from a dealer and installed it yourself and fried one of its functions, the dealer wont take it back. You will have no warranty because only dealers can send the alarm back for repairs. Also note that if you catch the wires in the wrong spot, you could cause the check engine light to come on or possibly ABS warning light or airbag warning light or even worst pop the airbag. There are so many cars out there that have none standardized wiring that is scary to think that people acturally think they can install an alarm in those cars.

                      Let me give you another true horror story of a self installed alarm. The guy came in our store and demanded to buy a Clifford IG8000 out the door with no installs. He argued with store manager for 3 hours. Finally we gave up and sold it to him without installation for $350. 2 hours later he called and was ****ed b/c it didnt come with install manuals. I told him that the alarm has to to dealer installed. Thats why theres no manual. He got the manual from another dealer. Two weeks later he came back and apologized to the store manager and the installation department and wanted to return the alarm with chopped up wires. We told him no returns. He told us the whole sad story to try to get us to feel bad and return the alarm. This is what happened. He took the dash apart to install the alarm. He needed to move the shifter so he turn the key on. After a few hours into the install he needed to move the car and started the car. The airbag warning light came on. He paniced and put the dash back together and went to Volvo to reset the warning light. Volvo told him that the airbag dianostic found faulty wiring and it has to be replaced. It cost him over 4 grand for parts and labor. After he left our store with the same alarm with no refunds, we laughed our asses off. If you're installing an alarm yourself, I hope its an older Toyota or a Honda. Anyway best of luck to your install.
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                        Not Just Clifford

                        I was originally going to get a Clifford Alarm put in my car, as I needed something with a Thatcham certificate to keep the insurance happy. Anyway the fitter convinced me to go for a Laserline instead, same price same features, and the all in portance certificate to show the insurance company!

                        I can fault the install bar two wires which ran over the top of the engine, which although being far enought away to avoid getting damaged from the heat, they made it a real nightmare getting the engine out!

                        No I am going throught the fun process of building up a new loom and the old one has been chopped and has have a lot of extra bits adding making it right mess. Advice to anyone don't tray and change the loom if you've got a decent alarm installed, all the frigging wires are black, and as per the instructions the fitter removed the lables from them! If anyone's got any info on LazerLine Alarms let me know, as I'd greatly apprechiate it.

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                          I was a pro installer for 4 years. Even had some magazine cars, maufacture demo cars at Daytone and CES (Streetwires, Xtant). I think it's funny when some installers ad the non-pro years to their resume' (not saying cproaudio is one of them). Sure, I could say I've been installing for 14 years (hmm, lets see, I'm 31, I started with my first car when I was 16....).
                          It's hard to find a truely good, trustable installer. And, I'm ashamed to say, my own alarm install isn't near the quality I used to give my customers.
                          But, if you search hard enough, you can find a good installer, whom you do trust, someone who acutally screw-mounts the shock sensor on an Alpine alarm, tapes the wiring so it blends in with the factory wiring (though, this is a double-edge sword, makes it harder to add options later), knows that you really need to run the power to the battery on a Clifford (unless Cliffords have gotten better, they used to be flakey when connected at the steering column), knows to never-ever install remote start on a manual transmission (I don't care what modules are out there, I simply won't do it).
                          By the way, I've installed lots of different alarms, I kinda like my Alpine 8028 alarms best. I forget what the new model number is, it's getting harder to find, but for the moeny, I think they're a good choice.


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                            cproaudio, that's a good story. The first alarm that I had installed by a "Certified Installer", it worked for about two days. After this whenever you disarmed the alarm it would blow a few fuses, turn the headlights on, and reset the power to the radio removing all preset stations. When I had my very first Car Phone installed two weeks later it blew all the fuses at once and did something to the computer. I still don't know how the installers managed this, but you can see why I'm leery about car installers.

                            Even though I don't really like the idea of handing my car over to a complete stranger, even I am not arogent enough to think I can install an alarm without at least a wiring diagram. Anybody know a good installer in the Dayton, OH area?


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                              Oh yeah thats right Rob, I think all alarms in Europe are have black wires with the same size and labled at the tip of the wires. Once they're connected, the lables have to be cut. One of the DEI tech told me that he wishes Clifford would do the same for the US market as the Europes. Apparently US installers are not as smart as the Europe installers and require all the wires to be color coded. The new G5 alarms's starter kill and ignition kills are all black wires but with lables at the end of the wire. The rest are DEI color code.
                              Jonjon, I know a lot of installers add their non pro years to their resume. I got my first MECP in 94, the first year I got my install job. If I add my none pro years then I've been installing for 16 years. I installed my brother's system when I was 14. Then after that, my friends cars here and there. I cant claim that I've done manufacture demo cars cuz manufacturers dont send their cars to the shop I work for. I was invited to do installs on my company's demo cars but I didnt take it cuz I had to drive 4 hours each way each way.
                              DKnight, we only sell alarms and alarm parts with no install to known installers and shop owners. Every store will have customers who refuse to shop that store. They will goto other shops to buy alarms that they dont carry but we do. Other shops would come to my store and buy the alarm and install it at their shop with no warranty of course. We sold alarms to other known installers for their own cars too. I'm not saying that all alarms that we sold without installs turned out to have such horror story but the volvo was the best one.
                              NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
                              If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.