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Will this work? (Laptop, Linux, etc)

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  • Will this work? (Laptop, Linux, etc)

    I have never done this before and I want to know if what I am wanting to do is possible at all.

    I am planning on using a Laptop that I already have running linux to use as a carputer.

    Instead of using some app for lauching all of the other apps (tv, fm, mp3, dvd, cd, gps, etc) I would just add launcher icons to the Gnome desktop and just use linux like normal using the touch screen. I would use a 4 channel amp hooked up to the output from the soundcard on the computer for powering the speakers.

    I am also wanting a touchscreen mounted in the double din spot on the dash, which I don't think will be a problem.

    The only things I am worried about are finding a tv/fm/aux-in external device and linux gps software that will talk to me (tell me where to turn and all).

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    well theres the DLink R-100 or something like that..its a USB FM radio reciever.

    I dunno if it has linux support though.


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      It looks like that has been discontinued. What about the Hauppauge wintv-fm usb?


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        Eh. Its up to you really .

        I've never used either. If the hauppage has linux support, go for it.

        You can get the Dlinks on ebay though. I'm sure you could get the hauppage too.