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    Finally heres the intended install:

    512mb stick
    40gb 2.5in drive
    DVD Rom drive

    Powered by:150watt inverter to AC to DC 12v adapter to PW70

    Driven by: XP Home Ed

    I would prefer to use a standard mini screen with keyboard input as too many problems reported with touchscreens.

    Does this setup sound like overkill. Any comments greatly appreciated.

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    you dont need an inverter w/ the pw70.

    Its a DC-DC powersupply. Just hook it up to a like 12v source in ur car and then to the pc.

    Where in the car, is a good question.

    And it doesn't sound like overkill.
    Overkill to me is when people put P4 2.4Ghz 800MHz FSB, 1GB DDR, Nvidia GeForce 4 or whatever...

    But I plan on a similar system to yours. Just maybe 256MB. And making the drives USB. So I can take them inside and update. Instead of dealing w/ my WiFi
    And I'm not sure about OS yet. I want something that will load up FAST. and is relatively small.


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      You want regulated 12V to your PW70, not straight from the battery. Check forum. An alternative as you suggested is to use an inverter and a 12 Volt brick.