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  • PS2 Linux ?'s

    First off, I understand that I have a HUGE learning curve ahead of me....LOL

    But I am installing my PS2 in my truck w/ a 5 in. Sony PS one LCD, and now I am thinking off running Linux as well, mainly for mp3 capabiltys and poss. some other simple apps. as I learn.

    I thought of trying to get the hang of Linux on my pc first but I think I will be needing it ALOT to gain internet access while learning Linux.

    I have found the complete PS2 linux kit on e-bay w/ buy it now price of $130 and in the US too!! I think this will be the cheapest route to go as far as equipment due to the fact that I already own a PS2 and have the LCD.

    My main ?'s are, am I going to shoot myself for even trying to set up a simple media player app. w/ this set up? I am not looking to go out and become a code monkey overnight, but I may get biten by the bug after some time...LOL

    Also since the Linux kit comes w/ a cable to hook up to sync on green moniters and has rca audio outs, (this cable connects to the a/v multi outlet on the PS2),..... would it be worth doing the mod. to the PS one LCD as far as picture quality??

    As of now I have all the power req. figured out for the PS2,( DC-DC PS mod.), and the LCD,(12V DC- 7.5V DC adapter). And I am planning on using a Preamp or active EQ to control my audio signal.

    How does this sound for a simple first Truckputer, simple as in I am not going w/ GPS, or ODB interface, ( even though this does appeal to me cause I am an auto tech. by trade), or other poss. carputer uses. I am really just interested in an MP3 player and storage, and the ability to play a game or watch a DVD of course...LOL

    Any info, links, ideas, "you are a fool to try", whatever anyone has will be absorbed like a sponge I promise you...........LOL As a single, UGLY 29 year old man, I have lots of free time to play around w/ something like this...........LOL

    BTW, I have learned so much from this site in the few days I have been reading around the threads, so thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice, I like it!

    The PS2 could make a sweet car PC! Awesome to have both the media center AND game machine all-in-one. AND, being that it runs linux and has USB ports, you've got lots of other possibilities (GPS, possibly ODBII, etc).

    Hell, I wouldn't be suprised if people start modding xbox and PS2 specifically for car PC applications!

    As for difficulty/learning curve, if you've moderate computer skills (i.e. can find your way around a PC, such as installing Windows from scratch), I think you'll be fine with running the Sony PS2 linux distro.


    Certainly let us know how it goes.
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      I had heard there were some issues, such as any interaction with the OS, they could just get it to boot into X. But, they appear to be selling working kits now.

      Let us know what happens.
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        Originally posted by Pudge
        I had heard there were some issues, such as any interaction with the OS, they could just get it to boot into X. But, they appear to be selling working kits now.

        Let us know what happens.
 I have found this, a true embedded system, boots staight into a X windows display w/ menu options. Sounds good to me, from what I have learned so far, I will be the first to admit that I have alot to learn here , and I am going to start learning w/ python on PC and work my way up from there, have read that this is the way to start learning basic programming

        I am also looking for a 12V Power supply fix, I have found this,
        but my power suppy board looks diff., I have the first version sch30001, and this PS I found
        but the site says it will not work w/ the very early versions, which I am sure I have according to this site

        I really what to end up w/ a mounting system something like this,

        but I want to flush mount my LCD in the dash w/ the PS2 below it, and get Linux up and running and off of a 12V PS first of all........

        As you can prob. see, I have been doin' my homework, but I am not at an A+ quite yet,...........

        BTW, speaking of in dash installs, check out this, maybe something old, but still cool on my book,

        And maybe some of this info. I have collected can help someone else w/ similar goals........


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          damn..that set up looks nice!


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            Originally posted by swzine
            damn..that set up looks nice!

            LOL....which one there are two of em'.......LOL..... I am betting your are talkin' about the "Hybrid" one, the other is just a in-dash PS2 w/o Linux conversion........