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Why so blurry?

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  • Why so blurry?

    I have a 6" CAR IN-DASH TFT COLOR LCD MONITOR, and I set the resolution so that my icons are the biggest they can be, and I set it so the icons would be bigger, but I still am having trouble reading the letters on the screen. I've seen screen shots and they look so much crisper than mine does.

    When I use MediaEngine, I can see even the clock time (a very small font). Is there a setting that anyone knows of so that my desktop screen will be easier to read?

    Also, I'm about to buy GPS for it. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on which to buy. I'm currently thinking about The Earthmate GPS Receiver with Street Atlas USA 2003 from Best Buy for around 100 bucks. Is that a good one, or should I go with something else?

    Thanks for the help.

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    read the FAQ then get a VGA screen
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