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Laptop ore selfmade?

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  • Laptop ore selfmade?

    My first post here

    I am beging to plan my build og af carPC i min Renault Clio II, and therefore i have alot of questions ... but we will start with only one ;-)

    Wich solution do you recomend? Laptop or a selfmade custom PC? And why?


    (Am i the only one in here with a Renailt Clio II? I need inspiration as to where i can place my LCD screen, without cutting to much in the dash)

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    First that I can suggest is the wonderful F.A.Q's First of all. As for your question though.... it comes down to 1 thing.... what do you want? Do you want to be able to take your laptop in your house or just out of the car and use it on demand? Because if so, if you already do that then use the laptop w/ a port replicator or docking station.

    But on the other hand if you are going to be using the system exclusively for your CarPC needs then certainly build your own. You have more options that way, you can customize things alot more!! I built mine
    New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!


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      But what are the advantage of building your own custom PC. vs. buying a laptop?

      They can do the same and have the same hook up possibilities ... or do they?



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        your absolutely right on that.... w/ the exception of price.... I've only put about $1000 into my entire system including LCD. You'll spend that on a good laptop easily, then you have to buy a docking station, power inverter, ITPS possibly, a Screen, and any cables and extentions that you will need.... your looking at probably another 300-500 dollars right there or more!!.

        But the advantages of doing it yourself also comes down to bragging rights is about it!!! Anybody can put a laptop in there car. And just about anybody "could" build a carpc.... but not many people do! Anyways thats my 2 scents! Use the FAQ's and Search for more info!!
        New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!