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Painting a custom switch panel

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  • Painting a custom switch panel

    Hey guys - im really bumed. I have been working on this custom switch panel for my MSP for quite some time now. It goes right in the arm rest console and fits perfectly and looks nice. So after i got the fit and everything i wanted to paint it. Well i didn't think about that one to much becasue the paint was terrible. It bubbled and really looked bad. I need to use something i figured out to bind the consol to my switch panel plastic board - - bondo? i want a nice clean look and am really not sure what to use. Right now im just sanding off the old paint as best as i can and will hopefully start out better next time. Any suggestions on anything from paint type to bondo or just how to do it would help me out so much!

    Thanks guys

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    did you use a primer? I'm not sure what kind of thinkg you're talking about, but I've had tons of luck painting everything from wheels to shift knobs to dash pieces, in aluminum, acrylic, various plastics, and steel. All I do is get rattle cans of primer, color, and clear coat, and put two or three thin coats of primer, five or six thin coats of color, and five or six thin coats of clear (YMMV) and it turns out perfect regardless of surface prep...I've never 'roughed anything up' shift knob was glassy smooth acrylic when i painted it, it is a high-wear item, and it hasn't worn down the paint at all...i did like 8 or 9 clearcoats on it, though, but it still held up remarkably well.
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      Primer, Primer, Primer.... Allways primer coat things first. You will get much better and longer lasting results. THis is the difference between a "MAACO" Paint job and a "Nice showroom quality painter - paint job". Primer adhears(spelling) to allmost anything and will give you a nice smooth non bubbly or flaking finish. Especially on plastics or bare metal, it is a must....