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  • carPC newb, seeking advice

    pretty sure what i want in my PC, just wanted to ask some advice on what you think the best way is to do it. here are the 3 ways im considering for mounting the compy.

    i have a 01 dodge dakota quad cab, and these are the best ways i can think of to do it.

    1.) getting a Shuttle case and build the comp in it, then mount it inside the center console. theres tons of space in there and easy access to wiring through the bottom of the console.

    2.) buying one of the realy mini PCs like a Capicino and mounting it in the glove box, under the driver or passenger seats, or under the bench seats in back. obviously the farther i get from the dash the more wiring it will need so thats why im liking the glove box or console.

    3.) buying a used rackmount server PC and putting it below the front or rear seats. again more wiring.

    my main concern with the center console/glove box is how much heat the PC gives off. i live in california and the center conoel is insulated so CDs and the like wont melt, but that also means the that wont get out very well. ive considered drilling some small holes next to the seats and out of vue, and mounting fans in them to keep a steady cureent of air going through. glove box wouldnt be as easy, but i would probly drill some similar holes out the side to the door well and putting a fanin there.

    figure i wont have to worry about air circulation below the seats.

    i leave my ideas to you, if anyone has a better idea leme know. by the way, i descided not to mount the PC in the dash because id have to remove the stereo (its stock) and do some serious modding to make anything fit in there (dam wierd sized stereos). also, i may remove the stero and mount the LCD in there instead of putting it on a flexible arm liek i had planned.

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    Originally posted by inaneninja
    pretty sure what i want in my PC, just wanted to ask some advice on what you think the best way is to do it. here are the 3 ways im considering for mounting the compy.
    I personally like the console method, which I would do had I owned a Dakota. Taking your air holes idea a step further, what about not only drilling holes, but also mounting a case fan on the inside wall of the console hole to vent the hot air, powered by an extension line from the computer power supply itself. Being in the console will help minimize noise, and keep your PCs home cool to boot.

    I just got back from Coachella Valley (Palm Desert) out there in Cali, and man, do I EVER want to move out there! Holy crap it was so nice the whole time. I can see a need for adequate cooling though, and depending on where you live, filtration is going to be a concern as well, (smog, sand, dust etc).

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      i live up in sacramento, one this i was considering if i get it installed and its to hot is water cooling. being an expirenced case mod'r id probly be able to rig soemthing up with a small form 80x80 radiator if i had to, dont think i will tho.

      i also considered just making my own case out of some aluminum and keeping the sides open for airflow. that would also alow me to fit it perfectly in the console and maybe use some old PC hards i have collectiong dust instead of having to buy Mini gear.