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Where to install my car pc in my car?

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  • Where to install my car pc in my car?


    Ive been planning my car pc for months now and im finally 70% of the way there. I have a fiat bravo and im designing the case to fit under the front passengers seat - the case is only actually slightly bigger than the m10000 mobo. The trouble is!! That ive got an Opus on order (150w) and looked at the dimensions - its just too big! Now ive worked it out and it will not fit under the front seat if i allow for the space in the case.

    Now ive seen some people install their pcs in the boot - but i am really worried about vibrations (from subs). Ive already got a jl audio 12" in there and its really loud. But im planning to put a w6 in - and this thing is seriously loud. Can anyone give me any suggestions to what i could do?

    Ive also thought about making a smaller case and housing the psu inside that - but how do i get the connections to the case?