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Not using laptop anymore.. Need Epia system FAST!

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  • Not using laptop anymore.. Need Epia system FAST!

    what do you guys think about this?


    I've been focusing everything on a laptop setup until now and haven't read anything about the opus, which I will most likely be getting since everyone has nothing but praise for it. I do know it's the solution I couldn't get with the laptop.

    Will the opus work in this system?

    If you had $500 to spend on an Epia based system, what would you get?

    If you piece it together yourself, where do you get your components? (www)

    Will a regular 3.5" hdd fit in one of these systems?


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    I would get one of these:

    EDIT: Hey your in Orlando! cool, another Floridian
    My OLD Carputer:
    Currently, Don't have a carputer :( I sold my lincoln and bought a '93 Acura Vigor, plan on putting a carputer in it one of these days. You can see my vigor at: This Site