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2000 MAXIMA carputer, have ideas need help

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  • 2000 MAXIMA carputer, have ideas need help

    Well OK, this site is awesome so much info, but I can use some help from those a little more knowledge about computers. I am purchasing a 00 Maxima in the next week and stumbled across this site on, I want to do a carputer in it soon after I get it. At present I only own the computer for it, I have a old fujitsu stylistic lt2300 tablet lying around that I would like to mount in the car, I plan on keeping the Bose HU and dash space is limited, so a dash mount is out of the question, my first obstacle is where to put this thing. Since the car will be parked in NYC or Boston most of the time I donít want it mounted in the open, the rims and other things I have already got for the car are going to make this car stand out enough as it is. So I am going to have to fabricate some kind mount that will allow the tablet to stored inside the middle consul, but easily be pulled out ,like a card from a deck and articulated so that I and the passenger have access to it. This is going to be the toughest part, I have a couple of ideas but since I donít have the car yet, I am not sure what will be possible, but for me to do this carputer, I want it to look good when it is out and when I want to store the cpu, it is easy and there is no sign of it. Anyone ever done something like this? I have a couple of plans but am definitely open to suggestions.

    Fabricating I am good, the CPU on the other hand I have lots of questions. I have a fujitsu stylistic lt 2300, 266 MHZ Pentium MXX, 64 MB RAM and a 4 Gig HD. I also have a stylistic lt-p 600 w/ a 500 mhz processor that I use for school and at home sometimes The thing is sick its plenty fast and runs anything I want, I love tablet PCs so I want to get the 2300 into my car, but I want to know if it going to be possible with the 2300 tablet. First and foremost I have no way to get software onto the cpu, the modem and ir port donít work, and there is no way to get anything through the USB port, because is no software on the cpu that will allow me to use the USB port, I even had a few people look at it and they tell me Iím fooked. So I tried to take out the HD and install it on my desktop. But the tablet HD will not fit the clip for the slave on my desk top, is there an adapter, how is this done? I just need to get the software for a wireless card onto there and I am set, right?

    Provided I solve that problem I am able to mount it the way I want to now comes the fun part, what and how to hook things up to it. There is one usb port and it is next to the power and telephone jack so i want to customize a clip that looks good and has all three connections, since the modem is dead I am going to rewire audio out through the telephone jack, so that audio out, power and the usb are all on one easy to remove clip. That I have no problem with, now here is where I get fuzzy, I have one USB port that I plan to run to a 4 way USB splitter, into that splitter I plan to run, from most to least important- 1 cell phone - modem, 2 DVD drive 3 HD or GPS 4 maybe tv tuner. CAN THIS BE DONE ? Hooking all this up through one USB port? Also I have read that 266 can and cant do DVD, I should be able to with a DVD decoder card correct ? and finally I am going to have to use a FM modulator for audio out, I donít want to but I have no way of using the auxiliary setting on the factory BOSE HU without a special adapter that one guy on was making, but doesnít anymore. Its more difficult than just connecting to the right pins, so if any body can recommend and alternative solution please do.

    Sorry such a long post, but I need some info

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    cool, another max owner.... i have a 2k se....i'm working on mine too....good luck on yours, keep us updated...