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simple carputer setup

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  • simple carputer setup

    This is what i'm looking for in a carputer setup.

    I'm not getting a headunit at all or at least i prefer not to since the carputer will be a pretty big investment already.

    I want to have a video in on my video card with a splitter to my PS2 and my camera for filming races, etc..

    The video out is going to go on a 7" LCD from alpine or some other brand.

    The sound out will go into my amplifiers and rear speakers and subwoofer amp. I'm not powering the rear speakers with an amp, only fronts and subs.

    Sound in will come from my video camera or PS2 or microphone for whatever reason...

    All my music will be on my hard drive. So I need something that can handle vibrations..

    If I get a CD to play, i want something shock proof also or what i'll do is rip the cd onto my computer hard drive then play it off the HD.

    I'm sure this has been done before but a bit simpler... I don't need navi/gps.

    Also, i'll probably use Linux as its very reliable/stable or maybe windows XP.

    i'll try and find a basic keyboard to type commands in and to do certain functions..

    as far as power on/off, i want it so that when the car is shut off, windows or linux will go through the shut down process and then shut off. When the car is on, windows or linux will load - so i need some type of relay to the computer and also to the monitor.

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    Hi, welcome to

    It's all very possible. My CarPC does way more than that.
    But seems like you wanna go cheap or skimp out on some parts.
    You will want some type of Navi eventually most likely.

    But for now, get your self a shutdown controller and pick up the mp3+ usb soundcard. You can get both for under 100 buks together.

    I would use XP.

    Start building and search here or ask questions for help.

    BTW, you boostin any extra in your Turbo AWD GSX? -interface your pc into the cars ecu and you can hit 12's with that car.
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