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VIA c3 1.2ghz mobo bundle

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  • VIA c3 1.2ghz mobo bundle

    I'm new, and I apologize if this is in the incorrect posting spot.
    What do you all think of the VIA C3 1.2Giga Pro Processor for a carputer. I have no experience with these processors. Does the Earthmate or similiar GPS's need USB 2.0?
    Any thoughts on this?, the price sure is right.

    check it out here....

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    Check the last link


    One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet that this isn't a 1.2Ghz, it has a PR of 1.2Ghz but runs at 800mhz.


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      how do you know that?


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        Check out Syntax's website.


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          OK I went to there website and its says this
          - Processors
          · VIA® C3 850MHz (1300+) CPU w/Cooling Fan
          · Socket 370
          · 266MHz Front side bus

          What does the "(1300+)" mean?


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            also what does PR mean?


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              Performance Rating.

              It's the same numbering system that AMD uses too number a processor. It's a 850mhz that runs the same speed as an industry standard 1.3ghz CPU.


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                Video problems

                Will this video chip be able to handle divx and/or dvd movies ?
                Does it have mpeg decoder ?
                Does anyone see a problem ?


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                  Don't get it, there's a reason they are selling it so cheap.


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                    Originally posted by Almost a Ghost
                    Don't get it, there's a reason they are selling it so cheap.
                    is that personal conjecture or do you have reason to believe that?

                    Thanks in advance...i just thought it would be a fun second project, but no sense in wasting time and money if it its going to be worthless.
                    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!


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                      DVD shouldn't be a problem, DIVX may or may not working. Consider that an Epia 800 is just barely adequet for DIVX playback, I haven't had any issues with movies encoded under 520xXXX with mp3 but will choke on 640xXXX with AC3, so it's going to depend how much the PR counts as.

                      It's a $62.99 board, if you look around you can find similar prices for embedded cpu boards on the net. The only reason it becomes cheap is due to the rebate but it's not guaranteed that you will get it. Only a portion of the people who buy something with a rebate will send it in correctly and on time, that's what the rebate companies are betting on to keep their money.