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help a computer BUILDING newbie out....

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  • help a computer BUILDING newbie out....

    okay, so im definetly not a newbie in the traditional sense, i understand hardware and software pretty well and know my car audio also. What i am new to is actually building a computer. i have some ideas for my carputer install, but i dont want to use a pre-fab computer and no case fits my needs, so i will be custom installing the comptuer (in different parts of the car).

    Can anyone give me a basic run-down of the do's and dont's of computer installation? (what to look for when mounting a mobo, HD, slimline drive, etc...power inputs, the turn on switch, etc...), or point me in the direction of a site/person who can help?

    Thanks alot everyone, mp3car has been so helpful in the past, i trust everyone will be the same now!
    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!

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    I dunno Im new


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      pc parts

      i am buying my pc parts form a website in the uk and gettingthem shipped to oz so i am sure they would be able to the the us. you can either order the pc built which would save you time and hassle if you are not sure on what to do or you can buy it in bits which is waht i am doing. as for a input or screen i am not really the man to help as i am still looking


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        Originally posted by theone02
        I dunno Im new


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          Well, you have to decide what kind of motherboard you want. Most people here go for Mini-Itx, which saves a LOT of room. Whichever route you take you have to decide on what kind of case you want. There are a few cases for mini-itx that you can order, or you could custom fab your own. That's gonna depend on how you mount your motherboard. Most people on here will tell you to mount the hard drive vertically to prevent any head crashes. As for power, you should go for Opus.


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            Originally posted by SavageKabbage
            Most people on here will tell you to mount the hard drive vertically to prevent any head crashes.
            So you car only moves up and down??

            Since a car floats in all axes of motion, mounting in any plane would not be significantly better than any other.

            However, vibration can be a serious problem with hard drives. The best approach is to use pre- torsioned wires to support the hard drive without any firm points of connection (like a screw!), this will dampen motion in all the axis and not have a resonate frequency of itís own to amplify.

            Now since youíre not likely to have a pre- torsioned wiring harness laying around I find that using rubber grommets on either side of the hard drive and then using a small screw to hold the whole thing works pretty well.

            There are some rubber standoffs with threaded brass inserts in them that work well also.