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Complete newbie, who really needs help

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  • Complete newbie, who really needs help

    hi all this is my first post after finding this forum

    I think im ready to install my pc into my car, but i have no idea how to do it.
    What i have is a shuttle pc, 7.2 touchscreen, power invertor.

    Im currently trying to find away to connect my pc to my OEM headunit (honda civic 1.6 sport 2004 model, without changing the headunit)- thats anohter story but if anyone knows how i can get a aux cable input i'd love to know.

    Anyway the acutal questions i need help with:

    1) how do you install the power line (for the invertor) to the car? which battery cable do you disconnect first? (also can wire the +ve cable to the battery connector, whilst its still connected to the battery?) - i could use with a complete step by step guild if you know any.

    2) how can i get the pc to power up, when the car is on, with minimum mods?

    thanks for your help

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    with a nick like bigguns would expect a project to be blown completely out of sight but what is this?? a mir minimumilst among us??

    1) Easy stuff... some say the neg some say the pos either way its gravy. Yes you could wire up the "+ve" cable up while the bat is still connected but if your screw your money your wasting.

    2) get a button and dash mount that puppy.

    Ok im goin to say this right here right now for everyone to read.

    This forum is full of "free thinkers" incase you dont know what that means it means we come up with an idea, we discuss if its possible then we go out and do it. No one prethinks and prepackages our ideas, and projects. No one ties a pretty little bow around our projects and says here you go just what I thought for you. No way kids.
    We Dream it We Build It We Modify it
    All for the sake of our home away from home (in some cases it is our home) we dabble in sciences unfamilar with us. We pool toghter our minds to create the ultimate project.

    Itself is a project. With each of our projects combining into one to show off to everyone what we as a collective (and a couple of kegs) can do. I'm not saying dont ask for help. No no, please by all means ask for help. I have asked many times. Just don't ask for a complete run down on what to do. Be creative. Look to others and allow others to look to you.

    We are only as strong as our members and we allways welcome fresh ideas.
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...