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Working on my first system, looking for review (Long).

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  • Working on my first system, looking for review (Long).

    Hello all, thank you for this awesome resource. My goal is to have a fully functional, powerful Carputer in my '98 Expedition... within three months. I have been doing research on this site and have a pretty good idea of what I need. Im going to list my layout and concerns here, and would appreciate any suggestions or criticism.

    -The Computer-
    Motherboard-SHUTTLE MN31N (Socket A)
    CPU-AMD Barton 2500
    RAM-512MB PC2700
    Hard Drive-200GB
    Power Supply-OPUS 150w DC-DC
    And later to come will be GPS, ODB-II, remote, voice control, and camera integration (Probably going to have to replace the OPUS by then.)

    I used this site's wattage calculator for my computer and over-specc'd it a bit and I came up good for the OPUS. I checked wattage and the amp usage per rail. Im hoping thats correct. I am kind of skeptical of this, but we will see no? If all else fails I can try a Keypower 250w with a shutdown controller... Im going to keep my head unit for now, but I do have 6.1 channel on board sound just in case I change my mind. Either way im going to have to rearrange my whole center dash (moving H/U and A/C controls to center console, adding dvd-rom somewhere (not in center console because of sub mounted there ))

    7" or 8" Lilliput Touchscreen
    2x 7" Headrest monitors from DScustoms
    >12" Dropdown monitor (to be added much later)

    I seem to have a serious problem here. The touchscreen is going to be mounted in my dash and have the vga going to it. That is a good 10ft of VGA. Now the problem is jacking in the other three monitors. From what I read in the FAQ, a converter would make the video quality very poor. The motherboard has a built in GeForce4 with dual VGA and I can get another card to run out video, but im still unsure of exactly how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did do a search and read, but I still have questions. Also, I seen the thread with a Xenarc molded to fit into a dash. The exact same thing can be done with a lilliput right?

    In general is it a good idea to attempt to regulate the incoming 12v for the appliances before it gets to them or a waste? Im going to be running the OPUS and monitors off of a direct line to from the battery. I was originally thinking an inline fuse/circuit breaker combination on a single line before a terminal board split off to the individual equipment, and then a friend mentioned a fuse box instead. What is your opinion on managing the power safely and efficiently?

    And finally, do you foresee any issues with the cpu being all the way at the back of the vehicle and the displays/input/possibly dvd drive being at the front? I would guess thats a good 10-12'. The CPU will be mounted in a custom, concealed amp rack with two, maybe three amps. Would interence be an issue?

    Sorry for the long *** post, im just trying to do this right, the first time.
    And HTML > vB Code.

    Thank you.