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  • first time post, long time reader

    Hey everyone...I finally got about actually signing up for an account on here. I'm a senior in high school and when I was messing around in my head one day I thought I would be doing something somewhat unique by the thought of installing a computer in my car. After a week or so (suprisingly long) of looking up parts that I could use to assemble a computer in my car ( being an inspiration) I found this site and was in bliss and found out theres alot more people doing what I wanted to do, alot longer. Screen and powering solutions (opus, pw-70, ITSP, etc) were the best things I've learned about from this site. Well anyway before I rant on too much more I'm gonna post a list of the computer setup and a power question.

    mini itx m1000 (ezra core, was the top at the time due to no nemiah yet)
    512 meg ram
    120 gig 7200rpm 3.5" hard drive
    tm-701 in dash lcd
    audio from mobo to back of headunit
    dvd drive
    media engine front end on xp

    I need to purchase yet the pw-70(a) and ITPS...and along with bending up my sheet metal case right now I should be set on the computer, other than some extra purchases like character lcd...hub...gps...wap card

    my concerns:
    How is my car battery going to hold up being hooked up to the computer, headunit, dvd, underbody neons, two interior under dash neons, remote starter/alarm, and the biggest kicker - future install of two 12" subs and amp...what does everyone suggest for running all this, as well as what kind of amp i should be looking into

    [long post = done]

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    Your car battery should be fine as long as the car is running. If you listen to your system and have the carpsc running too long then your car might not start! I would upgrade the battery though, and probably wire another battery too. Probably upgrade the magic 3, and possibly the alternator, but I DOUBT you'd need to do that yet.


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      If you use an Opus you can save a lot of juice from your battery(high efficiency), and you could use your carputer for a couple of hours with the engine off ,(if using just the carputer and a good stareo )but because you are planing on using a lot of extra electric devices , you should as SavageKabbage said and well think about upgrading the battery ( deepcylcle battery ) and maybe the alternator....
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        thanks for the not too concerned about needing to have my computer running without the car running for very long, the longest ill probably have everything running without my car on is just a minute or two. and not going to be using the opus anyway, but thanks. how much money do you guys think im looking at for upgrading my battery + new alternator for my 96 eclipse? and does anyone have any suggestions for the amp question too?