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New to the carputer, need links for parts.

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  • New to the carputer, need links for parts.


    I been browsing the boards for a few days. I recently had been interested in building a carputer. Originally i was just going to build a regular computer in somehow put it in the car w/ a power invereter Building a computer is no problem for me. But got into thinking of smaller, more discrete ways.

    These are my goals for the computer. Needs to play mp3's, large storage drive, 200gb hd, divx, dvd's. I been lookin at all this micro atx stuff, as a lot of people have done on this site and I don't know of any place to buy these things. A few links would be appreciated.
    Micro atx cases, mobo, powersupply, and any other cool mp3carputer supply links. I'm not so concerned about the price as long as it doesn't exceed $1200 which I highly doubt it will.
    Also I have a 5.6" lcd screen. I dunno if it will be big enough. Some lcd screen links would be cool too.

    Thanks for the help.

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    For computer parts: Pricewatch

    For car power supply: Opus or ITPS (I don't know the URL, but try

    As far as components, for just movies and mp3s, get 512mb RAM, at least more than 900 mhz processor, video can be onboard IF IT IS A STANDALONE CHIP. Don't use shared memory, you'll see your performance take a hit. 200 gigs is a lot...I have one, its filled with Anime and movies, but the best way to do movies is just burn them on a CD (or DVD if it's a copied DVD).
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      power supplys:
      computer parts:
      LCD monitors:
      only place I know of VIA boards and accessories:

      that's what I've been using


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        Well right now I have a 200gb external and i'ts almost full. I have over 90gbs of mp3s, the entire simpsons seasons and a few other seasons of various shows. Beleive it or not none of it's pRon. I was planning on starting w/ the 200gb hd he he, I want to add another 200gb later.

        THanks for the links.