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audio interface (direct comp-> car audio sys)

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  • audio interface (direct comp-> car audio sys)

    I'm fairly new to this, but dont quite understand how to interface the audio coming off the comp into the car audio system. I was planning on having my screen mounted in dash (where the stock headunit is now). But after everything is mounted, how do you come off the 1/8" jack from the comp and feed it into the audio system (without the deck)?

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    the answer to your question

    you can get cheaper ones at Radio Shack but not the same quality.


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      ic, so then you'd just feed that into the amp.

      What kind of amp would i need? Since im using stock speakers/etc it doesnt seem like it would have to be anything special. What options do I have?

      Btw, thanks for the help

      edit> there is some kind of stock amp (i think) in the car, going to go take a look


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        i'd say you could use any amp with RCA inputs.

        i'm here just gathering info on my project - - - no go yet on my install. but thats deff. the kind of cable you need


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          Thats whats in the trunk now (stock). Its hard to tell exactly whats there in the pic, but i do know that the 2 black cables are some kind of pass through RCA, and when i unplug them the regular radio wont work.

          Anyway, is there a way to wire it directly into this? (keep in mind that i hardly know anything about car audio systems, im just trying to figure it out).

          Also, from that middle plug, the wire group that splits off goes directly up to one of the speakers, so im guessing thats the output.


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            k, we can skip this, i was out looking around and ended up buying an amp :x