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Getting audio into stock bose headunit?

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  • Getting audio into stock bose headunit?

    I have a bose headunit in my audi. I think I could probably mod the cd changer plug in the trunk to get the audi going into my system, but then I have to get some very long monitor and other cables. Do these FM transmitters really suck or are they like listening to the radio? Was looking at this one

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    Those suck, it's nearly impossible to tune to the frequency it's broadcasting, and even then you get alot of static. The "hard wired" ones like the one sells are good. IMOO


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      Do you have the cd changer? If you don't, you may consider using one of these. The sound quality would be greatly improved over fm modulation. Look at the AUDI-AUX

      For any others reading this, find your car's adapter here:

      Pie has been making these things for quite awhile now and they are quality pieces.
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        Does anyone know if there is a difference qualitywise between the PIE one and the blitzsafe one?