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  • Power on/off question

    When the switch is turned into acc mode the carputer starts powering on, what if I turn the key off right away? Will it finish turning on and the shutdonw? Same thing for carputer shutting down and I turn the key back on? If the carputer will follow power on/off procedures properly, what kind of a delay are we looking at here?

    Also what is the fastes anyone ever manage to get their carputer to boot up both cold boot and from hibernation.

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    I'll try to answer, even though you're not too happy with me.

    If you're using Opus PS (not sure about other controllers), it will push the power button after a delay. It works well, leaving a PC just enough time to get to the point where OS will shut down when the power button is pressed on MB.

    The quickest I've had was 30 seconds full WinXP boot-up.