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first post - boxster install, need advice...

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  • first post - boxster install, need advice...

    hey y'all,

    i am going to install a pc in my boxster. this is what i have so far:

    - need to order a 7" touchscreen, xenarc or lilliput
    - BUT...would a voice recognition program let me have more clarity in the monitor since i wouldn't need the touchscreen? i'd like the best resolution i can get.
    - ITPS and Opus PS. do i need both? as far as sizing power requirements, do you think the opus will allow me to power other external (usb) devices without a problem? i'm thinking of external hard drive for mp3, video, etc.
    - pc is a compaq presario 1688 laptop (free donation!), 400Mhz, 128MB RAM
    - going to mount pc in the front trunk, near battery. factory amp is in this location as well. will run video cable thru firewall into front dash area.
    - monitor will be flush mounted in dash, hopefully with "factory" look.

    my goals are: gps navigation system, mp3, dvd, wireless internet access thru cell phone, obdii diagnostics, other performance diagnostics, maybe rear-view camera...

    i'm going to try the laptop, see how it works. if i need to, i will upgrade to something much better, but trying to save a little money if i can.

    any ideas, suggestions, answers?


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    First of all get a 911 Porche!! hehe 8 )

    Anyways, the discussion between Lilliput vs Xenarc has never ended so its really hard to say which is better.

    If your using a laptop you dont really need Opus or ITPS, just wire it into cig lighter or something similar, the main thing behind the Opus and ITPS is that it will shutdown the computer when you turn the car off, but since its a laptop and assuming it has ACPI(even old ones do) it will detect that its not getting AC power and turn can be set to turn its self off.

    However I would encourage you not to use a 400mhz laptop for this task, Your not going to be happy with its performance at all, playing back a DVD will be really crappy as well. GPS routing also needs a good amount of CPU power especially re-routing if you miss a turn.

    That being said you should get a VIA MI or MII board. They are both 1GHz and will be quiet sufficient for your needs. Most people here use those boards, there are a few trying to use the Commell LV671 but that thing costs 400 bucks and you still need to buy the CPU. Anyways - If you go with a VIA MI or MII you will need to buy a PSU(Power Supply Unit). The opus is the nice and clean way to do it, also it will provide more power than the ITPS-70a combo. Both have shutdown controllers and when the car is turned off it will short the power leads and trigger a sleep mode or shutdown.

    Since you have a front trunk which is fairly close to the dash I would reccomend putting the computer there unless you want to go thru all the trouble of making it all fit in a double din sized area.

    The other option you have for the computer since the trunk is large enough to fit a standard computer in you could build a desktop, or maybe a shuttle style case and put it there giving you alot more processing potential.

    Biggest tip I have though is to read read read read and read. This forum has alot of information.
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    Staus: Done.. too lazy to make pictures lol.


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      My $.02 expensive cars deserve professional installs by people with good referances....

      It's all well and good to start messing arround with a truck like mine (older toyota or older chevy) but think carefully about the amount of money involved in the expesive cars good luck.
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      Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

      Read the FAQ!


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        My opinion is do it right, do it yourself. I think that if someone has the right tools, takes their times it will come out right.
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          I respect anyone who trys it on thier own let the guy have fun with his porsche! or you could always just give it to me for a week and i'll do it up for you, just leave the cash in the glove compartment and the keys at my house, you can use my monte for the week


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            Originally posted by Hcomplyr
            I respect anyone who trys it on thier own let the guy have fun with his porsche! or you could always just give it to me for a week and i'll do it up for you, just leave the cash in the glove compartment and the keys at my house, you can use my monte for the week
            sorry. no glove compartment in the boxster! i think they have them in the newer models tho'. mine is 1997, first year.

            thanks to all for the support tho'. i think i can do a pretty decent job. the only part i could really screw up is the dash console. if i do, i'll just send it to a pro... no biggie.

            right now, i'm trying to figure out how to splice into either the radio head-unit wires or the amp wires... any ideas? my HU has an input for a cd-changer but you need to use a porsche (becker/soundbridge) changer for it to work. it's a protocol thang. what a joke. newer models don't have this problem.

            just got my lilliput today from very cool, got the black model, but 2 of the pixels are stuck. can only see them when screen is blank (starting, shutdown, etc.) i guess i can live with it.

            anyway, any help is appreciated. look forward to posting pics.


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              Sorry to bump this old thread, but I went searching for someone else who has done a carPC install in his Boxster

              I have a Boxster too and i'm thinking of installing a Xenarc and some kind of PC (haven't made up my mind yet).

              Could you post some pictures of your finished install?