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Lilliput indash non motorized housing

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  • Lilliput indash non motorized housing

    A while ago i saw a houseing that fit in a empty din and housed a Lilliput monitor

    it wasnt motorized

    anyone know waht im talking about
    and more improtantly do you know where to find it?

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    Wow...another opportunity. Well, here is your freebie...

    check out Armen's site. This is one of the non-motorized setups, but I believe he has others. I didnt wannna take all the fun out of searching for it for ya

    BTW, maybe you are talking about the empty housing, it should be there also, otherwise email him. It may take a while (read...a WHILE) to get a response, but he will email you back, be patient
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      i found this

      does anyone know if it swivels?


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        Monitor is Adjustable UP/DOWN & RIGHT/LEFT
        -Viewing Angle (L/R:60 deg U/D:25 deg)
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          do you think its worth spending the 500 on the complete item

          or spending the 100 on just the shell and trying to install the screen into it my self?


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            Originally posted by crash893
            do you think its worth spending the 500 on the complete item

            or spending the 100 on just the shell and trying to install the screen into it my self?

            Can you solder? Are you good with electronics? Do you mind throwing away $350 if you mess up? Are you ok with having no warranty if something goes wrong?

            Ask yourself these questions and then you'll know your answer. Honestly, its not that difficult, but you need time and patience to do. But if you don't have time or don't wanna deal with the hassle, let armen do it for you.
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              its not to hard to convert it to fit this housing, but the housing doesnt come with any way to secure it in the din slot, which is a shame. I'm still looking in to a way to do this. The $500 deal from digitalww also uses the same housing.

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                so its not secure in there

                im not well versed in car audio so im not even really sure what it looks like in there

                the reason i want it to go in like that is becuase there have been a rash of car break ins at my area

                and i figured having a screen mounted to the vent woudlnt help my chances

                also it says USB touch screen but all i see are 2 rca 1 vga and 1 serial

                anyone care to explain that to me ( i already emailed the company but havent heard anything back)


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                  I just finished with, and have installed in my car.
                  The good point is: it is cheaper than the complete package, but you do need to know how to solder, and you need some significant skill. You are required to solder some very small connections, and it is easy to screw up.

                  Bad points, it doesn't quite fit into a standard DIN slot (but then again, I don't think a computer is really meant to fit into a car, is it?), and it doesn't come with any sort of mounting hardware. The screw holes in the mount are the same as a standard radio bracket, but you really have to be careful on how deep you put those screws (<2mm) or you will block the carriage.

                  In my opinion, go with the housing, get youself a decently small soldering iron, some solder wick, and take your time. I had mine done in about 2 days with lots of breaks.
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                    you got email