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What dimensions are DIN sizes?

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  • What dimensions are DIN sizes?

    Like the title says, is there a standard somewhere? I know depth is pretty much an open issue, but what about the width and height? Also is there a list of depths for all cars?

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    Originally posted by arkadiyp
    Like the title says, is there a standard somewhere?
    I got a kick out of that question. DIN is short for Deutsche Industrie Norm (a standard for German industry). The standard is actually DIN 7736. The exact dimmensions are 178mm x 50mm x 150mm. (one inch is 25.4mm).

    The DIN standard actually posts a depth. That was news to me. So I guess in order for an auto manufacturer to say that they have a DIN compatible radio they need to have at least 150mm depth.

    I also found this Answer here:

    It says DIN is 2"x7" Double din is 4"x7" etc. (These are close...non-metric appoximations)

    BTW. The web site mentioned above is pretty cool if you want to replace your factoy deck, and you want to know what all the wires do.


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      din is 2x7 inches 1 1/2 din is 3x7 and 2 din is 4x7 ect.


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        I noticed bezel openings need to be 1/2" larger than DIN chassis specs.