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Anyone with citroen xsara's with mp3cars ?

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  • Anyone with citroen xsara's with mp3cars ?

    Does anyone else have this type of car that they plan to put pc's in ?

    Not doing carpc anymore

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    How's it going, i'm from Ireland and drive a Xsara coupe......i wish it was a vts though i only bought it over a month ago and have had big plans for a carputer in it. I didn't bother startin it in my last car as i new I was gettin a Xsara. I don't suppose you have any pictures of your screen finished off do you?(i looked at your webpage above etc. and more of your posts but could not find any) I'm so glad there is another Xsara owner here, cos it gives me something to use as inspiration.



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      Hi Eusto

      I haven't updated my site in a while now, but i do have some pics on this site now :

      I'm the chubby one next to the car :-)

      Stuff i am doing right now to the installation is :
      360 degree ultrasonic ranging with DirectX 3D graphics onscreen
      Manufacturing new armrest with builtin controller (griffin powermate)
      Making a motorised drawer for all my buttons for pc/amp/windows and such with backlit Xsara logo etched into an aluminum sheet (hopefully soon done)

      And i just finished installing my 1000W rms crystex emphaser 12" subwoofer and my phoenix gold amp...runs like a dream.

      I will take some pics soon of the vents when they are completely done, right now one of the sides is silver the other one is black.

      Good luck, and just ask if theres anything you wanna know.

      Not doing carpc anymore


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        i hav e xsara vtr and i'm tryi9ng to buid a mp3car


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          Xsara here too...

          Im using tablet as carPc... less impressive, but suits my purposes rather well... can just carry it with me, when driving Honda instead.
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