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Another NooB needing some help!!

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  • Another NooB needing some help!!

    hello guys and gals, im in need of some help with the sound on my car pc setup - i have installed pc,monitor etc etc... but i have a problem getting sound to work. i have onboard sound card and a jackson amp - i have tested both and they are working fine.... first thing i did was doctor an amp lead with a headphone lead but i cant get any sound ?? do i need a lead like this one >> it looks just like the one i docterd but maybe i didnt do it right ? or am i missing something ? do i need a better sound card or do i need some sort of audio converter to the amp ??

    Thanx for any help given

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    Don't know what a jackson amp looks like, but the lead is the right one for mot people. 3.5mm stereo from the PC to 2x phono L+R jacks.

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      Try that jack on your TV or something of that sort.
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        Start out simple in your testing...hook up headphones or whatever to the PC audio out...does it work?

        Plug your cord into a cd player or something and test the cord/amp setup.

        If you tested your computers sound output, and your amps audio input...then your homemade cord is the problem.
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          Thanx for the info guys, im going to try that cable first as i know both the amp and card are working fine..... Cheers