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Car PC + Palm = ??

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  • Car PC + Palm = ??

    n00b here on the mp3 car side of things, but I have constructed a MP3 boombox type device using a small network PC using a Cyrix Media GX CPU, Aureal Vortex2 sound card, 40gb hd, and stripped down copy of win98. The thing works but I never completed it because I didn't want to drop the big bucks on a touchscreen LCD or whatnot, I had it running through a CRT for testing.

    Anyway the thing is relatively small, and I was thinking of putting it in my car, a 1995 Volkswagen Passat sedan. Anyway, I was thinking through the whole issue of control, and the need for a touchscreen, when it dawned on me that I may already have the perfect control device: a Palm IIIc. It has a color touchscreen LCD and an IR transmitter/reciever, and could be a good remote control.

    If I could get some kinda software on it to act like a media center, then I could use it as a remote control to send requests to the PC for songs, which is running Winamp 2.9x. So if I can get some software and a winamp plugin, then I think that the Palm could be an excellent setup...

    So, what do you all think? Unfortunantley I'm not much of a programmer, but aside from that... Issues/Questions/Props?

  • #2 It's in Czech, but you get the idea. Some of these programs aren't supported anymore, so they are hard to find. You should also look into PalmVNC, it will allow more control of your whole system.