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Need advice on building my system

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  • Need advice on building my system

    I was wondering if someone could basicly just tell me everything i need to buy (actual names of product, not just "power supply" if you know what i mean). Ive been searching around and im just getting frustrated trying to figure out whats best for me. Here are my wants:

    MP3s (i have a large amount so i guess i'll need a large HD)
    Small Case
    Start up/shut down when i turn on/off the car
    Easy to take out (since i goto the track i dont need the wieght, plus not sure if the G's are good for it)
    Wireless G (to transfer files)

    i guess thats basicly it.
    Here are some plans: Since im going to have the case either in my trunk or under my seat (or if its small enough, in my center console cubby), im going to fab in a cd/dvd player/burner into my dash where there is a little cubby hole, good idea? i live smack in the middle of the USA so its gets pretty hot, and pretty cold around here, will i need to do some things to keep it from dieing? will i need a UPS unit somewhere in the car? should i get a larger alternator or 2nd battery?

    Any help would be great. i really just need to know what i need so i can start buying stuff. THANKS

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    your asking the same question as "what is the best chip" "18s or 19s" "what's the best color matching HU"

    I'll give you the first, Opus power supply is pretty much the best you can get. If you actually searched you could have easily found this answer.
    Mine needs to be updated.


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      Opus power supply, got ya.... sorry i didnt do any searching, i just got frustrated with all of it and wanted to get my answers.


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        here's a few more. Build your own custom case, it's not really hard just look for something that oyu think you can fit everything into OR some people such as I have made acrylic/plexiglass boxes to hold our stuff. For dvd just get any good slim dvd (slot load if possbiel) drive. I personally opted for a usb dvd/cdrw drive becasue it will be easier to mount for me.
        Mine needs to be updated.


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          Ok cool, im going to have to do some measurements cause i wanna mount the dvd drive in the dash. im also still wondering about doing the sound system straight from the car pc or keep my head unit. but i think i wanna take out the head unit and mold in my screen, again more measurements... maybe i should buy a tape measure... and hey thanks alot for the help samc. i went to the computer store and saw a mini itx mobo, so im going to analize the specs tonight. here is the link if you wanna let me know what you think. there


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            Unless you already have all the tools and material, I would suggest buying a case.

            Shuttle MiniATX MB

            Pentium 2.4 or 2.8

            MiniATX case (Opus fits right in), this one works great depending on the vehicle your putting it in

            No need for a UPS, 2nd battery or alternator.


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              Nice, cheap too ... I'll have to see where that'll fit... i think keeping it in the trunk might have heat issues... im going to look around and try and find a smaller case... i'll search around here and find what is best to have it turn on/shut down when i turn the car on/off...


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                Originally posted by hxcjohn
                i'll search around here and find what is best to have it turn on/shut down when i turn the car on/off...
                There is no need, the OPUS power supply does that for you
                That is one reason it is popular here for in car use, it will survive cranking of your car, power the computer down if the battery gets too low and has a shutdown controller to turn your computer on and off when you turn you car on and off.


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                  Oh sweet. I'll have to pick one of those up from the mp3car store.