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Help me build the perfect CarPC, suggestions/comments requested...

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  • Help me build the perfect CarPC, suggestions/comments requested...

    Hey all,

    Well, I just came across this site last week, and I've learned so much so far from reading all the forums and hearing your input. I'm planning on doing a lot of audio equipment to my 1999 Saleen Mustang next month, and interface a CarPC into it too.

    I have a Sony MEX-5Di headunit and here is the CarPC hardware I'm planning to buy and want your input on. Please let me know if anything I have listed here is a good/bad choice along with what would be a better option in your opinion.

    Foxconn 661M03-G-6EL Motherboard
    Western Digital Caviar 160GB 7200RPM 8MB HD
    512MB DDR PC2700 RAM
    Radeon 7000 32MB AGP
    LG GCC-4521BB CD-RW/DVD Drive

    The goals of my CarPC is mainly to play mp3 music at the best sound quality possible. I am also interested in being able to play dvds, and video files, along with having an integrated GPS system. TV Tuner may be a nice option too, but I'm not sure how good reception is. Here's my list of other questions:

    What do you think is a sufficient processor for my needs listed above?

    What TV Tuner has good reception?

    My head unit, listed above, has an auxilary input and several RCA preamp outputs. Do I still need a USB Sound Card for the best quality sound? What card should I get to interface with my head unit?

    Any other recommendations or comments are surely welcome. Thanks for all your help, it is all greatly appreciated

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    I took my WinTV out of my home computer to try it out and it's great mainly depends on your reception on where you live. But the WinTV might be too much of an overkill for a car, but great for the house has a TIVO type affect can set it up to record tv programs to your harddrive, I am waiting till Wed to try mine out in the car with Smallville, my reception is great here so hopefully it will work.
    Shuttle X case, 865G chipset,P4 3.2, Dual Channel DDR 400 * 2 512 DDR, Onborad audio Realtek ALC 650 6 channel audio 250GB HD, Toshiba 4xDVD,48xCD, Wifi B, Raiden 9600 256mb AGP. Wintv PCI, Wireless Keyboard/Mouse, USB GPS