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Ps2 to Car Speaker....Help!....

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  • Ps2 to Car Speaker....Help!....

    OK heres the deal...

    Im going to be running a ps2 and a screen in my car obviously...
    I DO NOT have a headunit.
    I have a 4 channel stereo amplifier..

    How would i be able to hook up the ps2's audio in to this to get good sound out of all speakers and sub???

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    Anyone KNow????



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      the ps2 has RCA out's for the audio, yeah?

      get some Rca leads and plug them from ur ps2 then into ur amp
      wire some speakers to the amp.. put the power to it and u should have sound.

      u want good sond?? how goods the equipment ur using?
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        the ps2 only has 1 audio out....

        only red yellow and white on the connectors. red or white = audio?

        so i just plug that one into my amp??

        i have decent equipment i just want it to come from all the speakers.



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          red and white are left and right channels, yellow is video.

          hook the red and white to your amp.


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            what u will have to do is split the lines from the ps2
            the amp will have 2 red and 2 white and the ps2 will only have 1 of each

            so u need to go to ur local audio store and get 2 of
            "1 female to 2 male Rca conectors"
            which will give u 4 plugs to plug into the 4 inputs of ur 4 channel amp
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              k cool thanks

              i just noticed the white was for audio aswell