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Got a few questions on parts I need

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  • Got a few questions on parts I need

    Hey, I'm planning on putting in a computer to play mp3s, and maybe DVDs. I want to have a custom look and since I have my car has room for a double DIN headunit, I'm planning on putting a LCD in place of that. Can anyone recommend a LCD that'll fit a double DIN? I just need a regular LCD, not anything with a touchscreen or any other features. My budget for the LCD is <$100, and I'm hoping I can get one with a VGA connector.

    Another thing I'm looking for is the power supply for my computer. I'm using a ASUS TUSI-M, 256MB , 1 Ghz P3, DVD / CD-RW, and a 80GB 8MB Buffer HDD. It seems like the Opus power supplies are good, but I'm tight on budget for a power supply. Anything you guys can recommend ? Also, if I was to get a DC-DC power supply, would it turn on and shutdown the computer when I start the engine and leave the car? If I was to use a regular AC power supply and use an inverter, is there any simple solution to use the ACC 12V line to shutdown the computer and start the computer ?

    Last thing is, since I'm not gonna have a headunit, I need an amp to power 4 speakers. I'm thinking a 45W RMA X 4 amp would be sufficient. What would you guys recommend for that?

    I'm trying to keep the cost low for this, but I don't want crappy stuff like the amp for instance.

    Sorry for the long post, and help is much appreciated.