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  • Radio Not Initialized

    Hello all,

    I have had CF up and running for a couple of months now tweaking and learning some of the basics. Now all of a sudden the HD radio app is telling me radio not initialized. you can here the radio cycling on and off when the app is trying to access it. The MJS cable is on COM3. I have uninstalled com port, program and reinstalled still can not initialize radio. I have also changed com port and rebooted. Still not initializing, but you can here the unit cycling on when it tries to connect. I have been using Mitch's app with CF closed to troubleshoot and same thing, I can hear it power up but keeps asking for com port. Options are Auto or COM3, does not matter which you choose.

    Please help - this is driving me crazy.


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    "its dead Jim"

    I had the same problem.. I know it won't help since this forum is dead and you posted this since October.
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