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Few Questions...sorry if they were already asked

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  • Few Questions...sorry if they were already asked

    OK, I want to put a computer in my car (when i get it..actually, i'm not even 16 yet, just planning ahead.) I have a few questions, so lets get started

    1. What is the easiest way to get the audio into my car speakes (other than an fm transmitter, and the car i'm getting doesn't have a tape deck)
    2. Is there some way to automatically turn on the comp when i turn on my car?
    3. Are there any 12v car PSU's or do i have to get a DC-AC convertor?
    4. Is there some way to automatically shut down the comp when i turn off my car (or a UPS?)

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    These are the easiest not necessarily the cheapest ways
    1. Get an aftermarket head unit with aux input.
    2. If you get an OPUS power supply it will handle turning on the car.
    3. The OPUS power supply is the best way to go, its DC->DC, you can find cheaper, but not better.
    4. The OPUS power supply will also handle this.

    and yes, all these questions were asked multiple times already. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      I'm in a good mood today so I won't flame you for asking these questions.

      1. Aftermarket Head unit with an Aux. input or go from computer to amps to speakers.
      2. I think an Opus can do this. I use an inverter with the power switch for it run to the center console. Then I set the BIOS on the puter to boot after power loss.
      3. Opus and someothers are DC-DC. Opus seems to be the DC-DC PSU of choice. An inverter with an AC-DC PSU is your other option. There might be a few others depending on the type of puter you plan to run.
      4. There are shutdown controlers out there. In my case I either shut down the puter like any other computer or just hit the power switch to the inverter. I run XP so I'm not worried about screwing anything up.

      Try searching if you need more info.
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        where can i get an opus? ebay?


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          Old Systems retired due to new car
          New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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            Use The Search Button!!!!!
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