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    Okay im going to try to make this quick. Im new to carputers but by no means computers. Ive also installed quiete a few mobile audio setups in various cars. Right now im in the market to buy a new system in my car and decided that i must have dvd, tv, mp3, and fm radio at the least. After looking up prices for standard mobile audio equipment today i almost puked so i decided to research the carputer idea because i could build as i saw fit and my wallet did. After about 2 months of looking around for different options ive got a few questions for you guys here.

    1. Wont the HD and floppy drive be affected by everyday driving? I was always taught the slightest bump could damage a HD.

    2. How does heat play into the carputer setups? It stays above 90 here in Atlanta.

    3. How do you hook up more than one monitor from one vga card.

    4. Does it matter if i get a vga or xga monitor?

    5. Will LCD work for the time being till i get a VGA. Do i really need a vga?

    6. Im pretty set on possibly getting the digitalww monitor. What are your feelings on his stuff. Plz no long posts about Lilliput vs Xenarc. Read all that allready

    7. Is it as safe and easy to use your carputer while driving 75 as a regular headunit?

    8. Will my "regular" case work till i get a smaller more suitable one for a mobile environment?

    9. Is opus the only people who make a suitable ps for this application?

    10. Does leaving your car running to do normal things like listen to the radio bother you or do you tolerate it cuz you gain so much?

    11. Does getting the 6 or 10 foort usb and ps2 cables affect performance in anyway.

    12. This is what i have and can get by the end of the week. Will this get me up and running...

    - working computer
    - Happauge PCI TV/CATV Fm tuner card
    - AGP Video
    - Onboard Sound
    - 2.4 Gb Wireless hub (will get wifi nic later)
    - DVD rom

    Can get...
    - LCD monitor
    - Trackball
    - mini keyboard
    - opus ps

    I am selling my kenwood cd player and changer and need something immediatly. Sorry the post is so long but depending on what you say may affect my final descion on going the traditional a/v route or carputer so any suggestions, comments and expereinces are greatly appreciated. Thanx
    Osiris Networx

    --Tuning is all about price vs performance. You've got to find your own medium.--

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    1. its true, thats why we get laptop hard drives. nobody uses a floppy in the car
    2. you can do a few fans or locate the carputer in a cool spot like your trunk
    3. get a card with dual output
    4. the terms vga and xga are uses interchangebly, basically you want a good xga monitor. some say the lilliput xga is crap but I already ordered one so we'll see
    5. YES
    6. is a good guy, lately he takes a few days to get to your order but alot of people have bought from him. Including me.
    7. yes, but again some people can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
    8. technically speaking the case can take up your entire trunk and thats fine, but generally people like to make it as small as possible.
    9. no I think others are keypower, ITPS+70w, p120/120a, ..etc.. (I'm sure there are others)
    10. it doesn't bother me, gas is just gas
    11. no 6/10' is just fine.
    12. you should order your opus right away, it takes upwards of 1 month+ to get one. Also pick out a screen now.

    hope that helped
    Mine needs to be updated.


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      the bouncing damaged hdd isnt as big as a problem as people make it out to be. if you're that worried about it, buy a new hard disk and get one with a 3 year warranty. that way, if it breaks, you're covered. if it breaks after 3 years, hey, if you're spending this much up front, 50 bucks (VEERY liberal estimate considering how much they've fallen) for a brand new drive 3 years from now is acceptable operating expenses.

      Heat isnt as big an issue as people make it out to be either. you arent overclocking, and the types of comps you'd use in this setup wouldnt be the fastest or the hottest. if you go microATX, then just a standard hsf would do you fine as far as processor goes. 2 case fans, and you're there. no problemo. besides, computers are designed to run too hot to touch. 130~ for a computer is no problem. it takes a few minutes to build up heat, so in that time, if you got a decent cooling solution, you'll more than adequitely cool it before it burns itself up. and as far as spaces goes, a trunk is enough air space that that which gets blown out can cool down before gets blown back in. so dont worry about heating up the trunk and the carputer getting too hot, it wont happen. if you're still worrying, install some sort of fan inside the trunk to circulate air.

      you cant hook up 2 functional monitors from 1 vga output. you can, however, hook up a monitor and then a copy of it. so it's the same image on 2 screens. there's some sort of adapter somewhere that'd allow you to do that.

      As he said, VGA and XGA are used interchangably nowadays. it used to be that VGA was a set resolution, as was XGA. we're past those resolutions now. But in LCD's, now, VGA means 640x480 resolution. XGA is slightly higher. it really doesnt matter, like you're really gonna notice a huge difference on a 7" screen. what the difference will be in is picture quality at your preferred resolution. do you want to run your monitor at VGA or XGA? i'd suggest VGA for easier readability, but some people prefer XGA because you can view more. but i'm bull****ting now, so i should move on.

      VGA is not exclusive of LCD. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, and it's simply a type of monitor. There are VGA style LCD's. VGA is simply a video format. The cheap non-VGA LCD's you see use either NTSC or PAL encoding. so they run at roughly 30 frames per second, and are limited in picture quality to 240x3something or other. not really sure what the resolution is. You want a VGA/XGA one for increased readability. that is, unless you can accept the loss of some eye candy in order to save some money.

      digitalww i have no dealings with. not because i dont like him, but i cant afford a screen yet. when i can afford a screen, it'll either be a digitalww or that dude on ebay.

      depends.. it's all about your driving style. can you pull your eyes away from looking directly at the road to adjust your head unit now, safely? if so, then yes.

      the standoff holes are standardized, so any modern form factor will fit in any modern case, so long as the maximum form factor of the case is greater or the same as the motherboard's FF. Mini ITX will fit everything from a cupid mini-itx box, to a lian li pc-65. i'd suggest you get a microATX(nforce2), and an antec minuet, and save yourself a lot of headaches by trunk mounting it. course, that's just what i'd suggest, not what i did. i went the dumb way and tried building the case myself. took too long, and too great of an investment. though i'm pleased with the result, it probably has less appeal to others because they cant understand the work i put into it.

      No, other people make decent power supplies. but opus is like the PC power and Cooling of the mobile electronics world. if you want the best right from the start, go that way.