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CarPC in lancer evolution ideas. (longish)

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  • CarPC in lancer evolution ideas. (longish)

    Alright, so I've read the FAQ and most of the posts I can find and am kinda looking for some specific advice. I'm looking to build a via eden based carpc to fulfill the following functions:

    GPS Nav,
    Wifi wardriving,
    Mp3 playback,
    DVD playback,
    OBDII monitoring,
    EMS programming (either AEM ems or UTEC)

    So thanks to this forum and some other things on the web, i've found out about the Lilliput touchscreen and believe that is my choice for display. I'm looking at the Travla C137 case to house a via M10000. Looking at a modest 40GB 2.5" hard disk and the CF reader. I'm looking at integrating a firewire dvd drive into the secondary pocket in the evo dash (I will take some pics later to show the area.) Now where im running into trouble are with connectivity options. Based on the need for enhanced wifi range, I need a wifi card with the ability to use an external antenna, most of what i've seen has been pcmcia. For Bluetooth support, I'm wondering if the USB key type devices are going to be secure enough to function in a car environment. I am looking to mount the PC under a seat to try and seperate it from the elements somewhat (it gets a bit chilly here in chicagoland.) That being the case, anyone have any mounting ideas for the Opus psu? And one more thing, are there any us based vendors for these products? orders incur some pretty stiff shipping costs. My pc vendor of choice is newegg and they dont carry any via products.
    So to summarize, anyone have a suggested mounting method for the opus psu in conjunction with the C137 case, suggested bluetooth hardware, and suggested wifi hardware. My main site Akirasoft Motorsports MWSOC site

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    Akirasoft, you can order the motherboard from

    I'm a frequent user of also, and I was happy with the service from monarch computers.


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      I have some power supplies including the OPUS and in the official Mp3Car Store


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        hey thanks for the posts thus far guys, its nice to get recommended vendors from trusted sources. Any thoughts on the other items in my post? My main site Akirasoft Motorsports MWSOC site


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          Ive bought from tigerdirect before (not so good) but lately they have picked up their level of service. I always buy from newegg and with no problems.

          I bought my mobo from with no problems. I think you can mount a m10k and an opus 90 into that travala case with no probs. I suggest you do an extertnal usb/firewire dvd drive, this solves any cable/mounting problems you get with regular slim-slot drives. Peace out
          Mine needs to be updated.


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            so the opus90 would actually mount inside the case? Well that solves that problem. I was planning on using an external firewire dvd mounted in the secondary DIN pocket (I think I can adapt the mitsubishi cd changer mounting kit part to mount a drive) the only problem then is power to the firewire device....

            Any thoughts on the bluetooth usb keys anyone? Or thoughts on how to get both bluetooth and an external antenna supporting wifi card in the machine?
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