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  • Two quick questions

    I've got my whole setup planned out (thanks mostly to this site) except for two things:

    1. What is the best way to connect my laptop (with one audio output jack) to the speakers in my car? What's the cheapest way?

    2. AM radio. I don't find many products for this. Does anybody know anything that will give me AM radio? I need it mostly to listen to Cubs games.

    I'm looking for a complete head unit replacement. Any help would be appreciated.

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    first help us by letting us know what you have, aftermarket stereo, and what car, are you going headuitless, or whatm but here's a shot,
    best way to connect a laptop, i guess would be an external sound card like audigy 2, the cheapest way would be using fm modulator.


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      Originally posted by LiesandGasoline
      1. What is the best way to connect my laptop (with one audio output jack) to the speakers in my car? What's the cheapest way?
      I will try the first question.

      IMO, the best way is an external USB sound card, with very short RCA cables to an external amplifier. The usb can be fairly long, and it easy to disconnect. Usually Laptop sound is fair at best, so this is an excellent way to improve it.

      Another really simple way it to go to radio shack and buy a 1/8 stereo to rca adaptor, and run it into the amp.

      If your deck has an aux input, it could be plugged in there also.

      If you prefer a semi wireless method, you "could" (not the best way by any means, but some people like it) get a RF modulator and broadcast the sound to your FM stereo in the dash. The quality is fair at best, but it is pretty much wireless.

      As for the second question, I have no ideas for you on AM. Anyone else?
      2005 Ford Focus ST


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        Thanks guys that helps a lot.

        I'm still at a loss for AM radio, though. I might just keep a simple AM/FM Headunit somewhere in the car and not have to worry about the radio coming from the computer at all. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.

        EDIT: The car's a 2003 Saturn Ion, and I'm planning on putting a 7" touch screen in the double din slot, hopefully replacing head unit.


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          if you plan on getting an aftermarket head unit, it might be best to get one with an aux input. the connection will most likely (mine is) be an rca input. this would solve your AM problem and if you are not looking to upgrade factory speakers (amp, subs, etc.) then you most likely wont need the audio out from your comp to pass through a amplifier.

          makes sense in my head, i think that sounds right.