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Power Question/Setup Question, minibook pc

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  • Power Question/Setup Question, minibook pc

    hello everyone

    well, like anyone thats viisited this site, i want a pc in my car! haha..
    well, i've been researching for a few months now here and there and decided to go ahead with the project.

    i've looked at issues with power and all and came to this conclusion, i want to avoid more advanced/technical power solutions and now have a few quesitons/need of opinions on a few things:

    1. is it possible to use my car's clock power for an lcd or for anything (got an accord 2002 SE)? if so, could i then use my car dc adapter that came with it and wire that to the clock power (so it is still regulated and fused)? or will that be enough power? i have a lilliput 7" touchscreen. i plan on removing my car's clock anyways and use the spot to mount my lcd (got pretty sweet mounting bracklet on ebay for cheap and with tons of config options).

    2. i am going to use a minibook pc (from tigeridirect) as my pc rather than build a case and use a mini-itx board. the power board on it has a dc-dc board so it basically uses off a laptop ac power adapter. is it possible for me to use the same type of reasoning/wiring as people who use a dc-dc power board on their mini-itx systems? i was thinking of using a car dc-dc adapter for the pc (if is uses less than 70watts) and hook that all to my 3 port cigarette adapter. if i do use a 3 port cig adapter, i assume it would be best to run it to my fuse box rather than use my current cig lighter port?

    3. if none of the above a viable power solutions, and i need to use a opus powersupply, can i run it off my existing car amp power and ground cables? when i installed my amp and sub in the trunk i made sure to use thick/high power cable? or will that mess with my car's audio system?

    again i appreciate any help or posts, and i did try to search for these answer.. hehe..


    like everyone else that does this, i'll have a log on my website soon!

    oh yea, as for o/s, gui; is anyone else using desktop x for custom desktops? i modified a theme for use with desktop x if anyone wants it.. got a screen shot, below:
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    sucks no one answered
    i am looking to find out if the amp cables are worth connecting to?
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      i would only use desktopx i plan on using it on mine lol
      I get bored easy....


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        just an update (for anyone interested)

        i decided to just use the 1 to 3 cig adapter and the cig power adapt for lilliput and my laptop car power adapter for the minibook pc.. it worked fine, didn't survive crank many times but for the most part did what i expected and no more... however, i'm reconsidering my setup and redoing it with a REAL carpc (micro atx, mounted in trunk with dvd drive mounted in glove box and keyboard and usb hub in center console).. so i'm selling my cappuccino pc..
        do the psu thing and relay..
        "knowledge is power, spread the power"
        check out seamonkey's guides to xbox and dvd at:


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          I had to do it twice too, but now have the same setup you describe with a P4, Audigy, 64MB Video, etc. Quake is a little tougher to play on a 7", but being able to play it is a must. I ended up using the Opus with a PW-70A for externals, Screen, Hub, and switched with a relay. Works great. Opus alone would have been borderline.