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Need help with info for install of carputer using a laptop...

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  • Need help with info for install of carputer using a laptop...

    I am new to this forum I have been trying to find out help with installing a carputer and LCD in dash touch screen. For starters my laptop is a HP compaq nx9010 2.4GHz mobile intel P4 40gig HD 192mb RAM Windows XP Pro and I would prefer using this rather than buidling a carputer from scratch. Will this be possible? How can I make the laptop boot up when the ignition is turned on and shutdown when the ignition is turned off. Please help me here is a link of a similar car to mine but with everything installed and working :-( and with the stock stereo in the glove box. This guy has his computer in his trunk. I would like to have mine under the passenger seat so I can have easy access to the DVD drive. etc. Please help me out with information and help.
    Here is the link of my laptop specs

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    man, you gotta search

    try looking for

    opus for power

    lilliput and xenarc for LCD

    audi because that's the type of car you drive

    any combination of laptop, compaq, intel, and p4 because that's what you want to use

    try searching in the forums that pertain to your question. for instance, if you have a power supplies question, search in the "power supplies" forum. or if you have a general hardware question, try the "general hardware discussion." this theme follows throughout the boards.

    notice that there is no "walkthru" section.

    good luck in your research.


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      that laptop is a bit OTT to be honest. I'm using a laptop, but it stays in the car all the time, I bought it just for the job second hand. The HP laptop you have would be a major waste to just have it stuck in the car all the time. Saying that.. I can remove my laptop easy as all the cables are connected to a docking station. If you were after removing the laptop when not in use then a docking station is a must. I was lucky in the fact that the dell docking station I got had a power button, thus was modded and it now turns itself on when power if given, and its set to turn off after 10 mins of running on batterys. This saved me having to open the laptop and take wires off the power switch. As for mounting it under your seat to access the dvd, yep I agree but that model is usb 2.0 so theres nothing stopping you mounting it in the boot and adding a usb2.0 dvd drive up front. Theres so many ways you can tackle it.. thats what makes these forums so enjoyable to read.. its nice just seeing what people get up to.. theres no right or wrong way to do things really. Its what ever suits your needs
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