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car pc in a 3000gt, i have a few questions

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  • car pc in a 3000gt, i have a few questions

    This is my 1st post on the site. I have read through a lot of different forums though. I am planning on putting a car pc in my 93 Mitsubishi 3000gt over the summer. I have looked at different setups but this is what I am planning on doing:

    Mini-ITX on ebay:

    VGA screen on ebay:

    That will cover the majority of the setup. I will remove my ash tray and replace that w/ a touchpad mouse and I can have a small keyboard that can be stored in my glove box. I already have a Co-pilot GPS and a slim DVD drive. I have read about devices that will start your pc and shut it off automatically when the ignition is turned, but I think I will keep it simple w/ a power switch. XP doesn't take long to boot or shut down if you tune it properly.

    I would appreciate it if anyone could help answer a few of my questions:

    1. I want to mount the lcd where the stock double din HU is, so I will be eliminating my deck. Is it possible to hook my speaker out on the mini-itx computer to my stock amplifier in my car? The 3000gt has a stock amplifier under the center console if I recall correctly. Is this a hard thing to do?

    2. The mini-itx computer already has a DC power supply and it comes w/ an AC to DC power adapter as well. Since the car runs off DC, can I eliminate the power adapter and hard wire it as long as I have the bios to not automatically start when it receives power? Will there be any problem w/ the voltage fluxuating? Or is there some kind of power regulator that I would need to keep a constant voltage??

    Any other suggestions are also welcome. I have seen a guy w/ a black 3000gt vr-4 w/ a carpc, and I am hoping he will stumble accross this post as well. Thanks - Charlie