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Motherboard Vibrating, will it be damaged??

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  • Motherboard Vibrating, will it be damaged??

    Hey guys,
    Done alot of reading and I dont like bothering you guys with questions unless I cant find the answer from searching. I know people have concerns with harddrives and vibrations, but I want to know about the actual motherboard?? I have two 10" subwoofers behind the seats of my truck and built a open section in the middles of the subs for the HD, Motherboard and power supply. After securing it all to rubber mountings, the motherboard CPU, fan, and most connectors vibrate. I know something l9ike this would affect a HD, but what about damage to a Motherboard?? Thanks Fern

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    since everything on a mobo is solid-state, i think you'll be fine, with one exception: the heatsink/fan. I'd be concerned with it possibly shaking loose depending on its own size/weight. If its nice and light, you'll probably be fine, but if its not, then you might want to figure out a way of better securing it. I think it be better if the board layed flat, so it could bear the weight of the HSF straight on, instead of it hanging, but that might still not be enough. another thing to think about is the magnents in the subs. 10 inch subs have got some hefty magnents and they might **** off the motherboard. But that is just a thought as I don't really know what i am talking about. hope i helped,