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I've got some real basic questions that need a "How to"

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  • I've got some real basic questions that need a "How to"

    I've got a bunch of random questions about car computers, and yeah they're pretty basic and are probably answered throughout all the postings, but since it wasn't well described in the FAQ's I thought I would post them all, in hope that they get added.


    1) a. It seems everyone has a DC-DC power supply. Why is it better then an inverter.

    b. If its because of efficiency issues, would I need the extra power from the DC-DC PS's if I was only running a DVD/CD drive, a hard drive an 7" LCD screen, a wireless mouse and keyboard, and one or 2 other USB devices.

    2) I've found many links to DC-DC PSU's, but they don't like to tell me their prices. I wanted to know the average price for one, and which one is best for the system described above.

    3) How do I set up my DC-DC PSU to my car electrical system so that I get the least power fluctuation? If I install a second car battery in my car, would that keep enough juice in my system to keep my computer running while starting the car. (My car is new and pretty much starts immediately when you turn the key, so the lag is tiny.)


    1) What steps should be taken to keep everything in working order? (Like static protection, physical, heat, whatever I need to worry about hurting my computer)

    2) Should I build a full case around my computer even if it is tucked away some place safe?

    If I think up any more questions after I post this, I'll attach them to the thread; but in the mean time, and answers would be much appreciated (I'm sure I'm going to get an insult or 2 about being too lazy to look up this information myself, so go ahead and post those too)