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  • Which MiniITX Board?

    Sure everyone here is running a epia of some sort, but I am just wondering which one would best suited for the following uses:
    -CDRW/DVD playback
    -MP3 playback of course
    -GPS routing and **3d mapping
    -XM Radio
    -TV - Optional for a later date.

    I plan on mounting it in a Jeep wrangler, so small is all I have room for.. Vibrations & dirt/moisture are serious concerns, as I plan on using it while off road as well. For security and dirt/moisture I am planning on getting a nice "case" for it. To conquer any heat build up, I could cut into the ac duct right behind my "case". I recently read about some wire rope isolators to help dampen vibes, but have not really found a distributor yet, so if anyone knows of one, please pass it along.

    Oh and I hear that it is a good idea to mount the drives in such a manner that they rotate in the general direction you travel in rather than laying flat. Is there any truth to this?

    thanks in advance,

    Carl B
    2010 Honda Fit Sport AT
    2008 Honda Odyssey
    1998 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)

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    haven't used XM (we don't have it in Europe) or TV yet, but for the rest an M10000 does fine.
    I imagine the MII 10000 or 12000 would be absolute nuts too, and the n-ITX boards with the 1gig processor would be adequate too.
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      I believe I've solved the hard drive mounting angle question. My first player lasted me for over 2 years mounted horizontally to the ground. Never skipped or died that I can remember. My new player has it mounted vertically, and it'll die if I hit a mild pothole.

      Horizontal > Vertical, so sayeth the Gutter.
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        ahhh so the bumps are impacting the arm's ability to keep on track on the HD, thus the skipping? and what about an optical drive? Same thing?

        Thanks for the ideas!

        Carl B
        2010 Honda Fit Sport AT
        2008 Honda Odyssey
        1998 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)


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          screw Mini-ITX for the about space of 3 PCI slots wider and lower cost you can have Micro-ATX. Also you get a AGP slot which is good to have.

          Intel® Pentium® 4, 478-pin, 400/533/800MHz FSB
          Fully supports Intel "Prescott" processors
          Intel Hyper-Threading Technology supported

          SiS661FX + 963

          Single channel, unbuffered, 2.5V DDR266/333/400, (2) 184-pin DIMM sockets, max 2GB

          Integrated SiS high-performance graphics controller plus AGP 8X slot

          Expansion Slots
          (1 x AGP 8X) (3 x PCI) (IDE 2 x ATA/133)


          Integrated, 5.1 channel AC97, including front audio and S/PDIF headers (Realtek)

          Rear Panel
          1 x PS/2 keyboard
          1 x PS/2 mouse
          1 x RJ45 (LAN)
          4 x USB 2.0
          1 x VGA (integrated video)
          1 x line-in/line-out/mic (audio)
          1 x parallel (SPP/ECP/EPP)
          1 x COM (16550-compatible UART)
          1 x IEEE-1394

          1 x floppy disk drive
          1 x USB 2.0 headers (supports 2 ports)
          1 x IEEE-1394 header
          Front audio header

          4Mb flash EEPROM w/ LAN boot, PnP, ACPI, WfM, DMI 2.0,

          Wake-on-LAN (WOL), suspend-to-RAM (STR), suspend-to-disk (STD), SuperUtilities - SuperBoot, SuperBIOS-Protect, SuperRecovery, SuperSpeed, SuperStep, SuperLogo, and SuperUpdate


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            I have been using M10000 and like what I see so far.
            I don't have XM radio and TV yet, but everything else work fine.

            One thing about the cuting in to AC for heat.
            I think I read similar idea somewhere and issue of condensation was brought up. I suggest you to do some research about that before you start chopping.


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              For DVD and MP3 playback M10000 should be fine since it has hardware DVD motion compensation. However, if you ever plan to play DivX or other MPEG-4 encoded movies, it may be too slow. An EPIA MII12000 ($250) should be able to handle DivX. However, for about the same price, you can get a VIA EPIA P4 Mini-ITX board ($185) and a 2.4GHz Celeron processor ($70) (Total: $255) and have a computer that is much faster. The only downside to the EPIA P4 is that it will require more power (a PW-60a should be fine) and better ventilation.
              1994 RX-7, EPIA P4-ITX w/ Celeron 2.4 Ghz, Arise PSU, Xenarc 700TSV (new model)


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                but thats way to much money for about 3 - 4 inches... my board about is max 60 bucks you could have that a celeron 2ghz+ , memory for less then the cost of any of those there...

                so to me 3 - 4 inches is lame especially when some of those might lag playing video.. (lol)
                2005 Ford Mustang GT <- - - UPDATED PICTURES

                2003 KAWASAKI Z1000 - CUSTOM MODZ

                MBK (AIM = IllMBKllI)


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                  i just bought the VIA EPIA M10000 (1 GHz C3 CPU - Nehemiah) Mini-ITX . it has everything i need. couldnt beat price $153 free shipping.


                  now i'm lookin for cheap 512MB ddr crucial RAM on ebay.


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                    I have an EPIA MII 10k and I play divx and dvd movies no problemo. Only glitch I see is mp3s take a second longer to load but thats winamp/media engine problems. Get atleast a 1 gigz processor. Id probably get the latest 1.2k epia because that's how I am.

                    And I drive in NYC which is probably worse then driving your Wrangler down a steep rocky hill and I never have problems with vibrations.
                    Mine needs to be updated.


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                      VIA Nano boards

                      So has anyone heard when will we have those VIA Nano-ITX boards? Has anybody seen actual street pricing?
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