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Newbie--- need help for install in Mk IV Jetta

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  • Newbie--- need help for install in Mk IV Jetta

    Hi all,

    I was quite suprised to find a website dedicated to this idea and I have about a million questions, but I want to start out somewhat generally.
    I was going to go and buy a pre-fab unit from, because from what I have seen, it is the unit that has most of the options that I want.

    Here are my requirements, hope that someone can give me some directions on where to start and where to go with finding the parts for this system

    1. minimum 120 GB HD
    2. 7" widescreen touchscreen lcd
    3. GPS reciever and software
    4. cd-rw/dvd drive, internal or external
    5. wireless networking from home comp w/ wireless router to car pc

    beyond this, I really have no idea what all else I need. I really want to get a good start on this project, but I also dont really like the nearly $3,000 pricetag on the elite system. In addition, I have no real idea where to install whatever unit that I build/buy (if i cant do it myself). Also, I would like some opinions on the best operating system for this. I will be primarily using it for audio playback and navigation. Any help on this would be HUGE... and would be very much appreciated.


    also- the car has a stock monsoon sound-system (w/ external amp) and 1 1000W amp pushing 2 10" subs and 2 12" subs. dont know how much of a difference this makes.

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    Welcome to the site. Of course you can do this yourself for a lot cheaper and get exactly what you want. I would suggest that you start off by looking at other people's systems to get an idea of what you're should be looking for.


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      If you want some ideas you can check out my site (though old). Let me know if you have any questions. I'm currently redoing the entire project.
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