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Media Engine and Media Car

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  • Media Engine and Media Car


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    They are not the same

    Some people thing ME is better.

    Some people think MC is better.

    They're free, so just go out there and try them.


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      I'm sorry about the blank posts, I don't know why they're showing up :o


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        MC is better
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          I tried ME first and thought it couldnt get any better. Then I tried MC and I knew it couldnt get any better. Then FrodoPlayer came out and WOW...once he gets the bugs out MC and ME!

          Download them all and see which one works best for you.
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            I gotta try that Frodoplayer out, seems pretty nice.
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              i want to see some features like voices that are in frodo in MC. I dont like that there is no main screen in frodo like in mc. MC i can edit background on my name is there hehe. I would like to see mc have more skins ...i cant find more...does anyone know where ican find more?
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                I personally like Media Engine over MediaCar but then again I haven't tried FROOODOO player yet.
                Mine needs to be updated.


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                  All 3 are great FREE programs, much better than any program you'd pay for. Just need to get some more hardware supported on all of them (The D-Link DSB-R100 just ain't cuttin it for Radio reception). Maybe some more TV card support as well.
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                    oh I just finished installing Frodo player.
                    Here's my thoughts:
                    -Frodo player seems to be the best carputer interface so far. its straight to the point and loads faster of the 3. I think I'm going to use this now unless I have to "show-off" then I'll whip out the mediacar or mediaeingine
                    -media car is good and I love that brushed metal skin. it'll get the job done. I also love that equilizer screen, you can just pump the bass up at will
                    -ive been using media engine since 1.77 and it works very well. Sometimes it takes more then a second for music/videos to load but for the most part it is a very good interface program.

                    so in short all three are good free programs, you cant go wrong with installing all of htem such as I have done
                    Mine needs to be updated.