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  • Need a few tips

    Whats up everyone,

    Ive been reading the forums for about a week now and needed a few pointers.

    Firstly, unlike most of u guys, I dont have the money to spend on a full carputer. All i want is a computer in the trunk that plays mp3s. I will use an IR Remote and have a small lcd screen that displays the songs.

    I looked at the itx systems, but they seem more of an overkill than what i need. BTW, I was planning on using an inverter.

    Would the Coleman 350/700 watt Powermate be good enough for something like this :

    Also I should mention that I planned to place the comp ontop of my subs. I have a little less than 5in ontop or 3in if the comp was placed vertically beside the sub box.

    It just seemed that spending close to 450 for an itx system was not necessary.

    Any pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    just a guess but i dont think the comp should be near those big magnets that are in the subs.
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      Originally posted by thasaint
      just a guess but i dont think the comp should be near those big magnets that are in the subs.
      there is no proof that having the computer by the sub magnets will cause any harm. if you put the hard drive ON the sub magnet directly, then you will have a problem.

      many people here are running subs next to their carputers... do a serach and you will see many threads about it.

      however, one thing to consider would be some dampening material to reduce the vibrations that will be transmitted through the sub box and into the case, if they are in contact.

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