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Motorized touch screen and hard drives

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  • Motorized touch screen and hard drives

    Hey, i've been readin this forum for a hwile now, and i was wonderin what kind of motorized touch screens are nicest. probably a 7" one. i'd like to spend less than 350. I'm also wondering if hard drives work when they bouncin along the road. If they don't, should i use a notebook hard drive or would a regular external drive work? Also, i only have a p3 400mhz processor for my computer, is that enough to play videos and music properly? i have my sound card and video card already.

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    been readin this forum for a while, have ya? then you know that there aren't any motorized touchscreens available yet, and the ones that have been "coming soon" are priced over $600.

    And the hard drive thing has been covered so many times that when you searched, you came back with the phone book, so here's your freebie: Modern hard drives are not likely to fail while operating in a vehicle. That being said, laptop drives are even less likely to fail, so if at all possible go for a laptop drive.

    MP3's can run fine on even a 266MHz processor, but for video playback 400MHz is kinda low. You didnt mention how much RAM you've got, or the make and model of video card so I cant in good faith tell you that you can't play videos. BTW, are these DVD's from disc or DivX files?
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      You're going to need a good video card to watch DVDs. The cheapest video card you can find will not cut it. Getting videos to run at 400 Mhz, good luck.
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        Originally posted by lgbr
        You're going to need a good video card to watch DVDs. The cheapest video card you can find will not cut it. Getting videos to run at 400 Mhz, good luck.
        now now, I have an old PIII 500mhz laptop that plays DIVX just fine. DVD's worked fine under 98, skip ocasionally under XP. if its really having a good day (meaning I close EVERYTHING, including explorer), I can even get them to play properly with the TV out enabled.

        that said Slitha, get a better computer, higher end P3's are dirt cheap these days.

        on budget: your like me. you thought you could throw this system together and be ballin on a budget. sorry, aint gonna happen. cheapest you can put a decent system together for is at least $600. thats why mine is still under construction --> i'm still waiting to get enough funds =)
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          The 350 was only for the lcd touch screen, but aparently they dont' make any that are motorized. now i'm thinkin along the lines of 300 for a good lcd, and i'll see if all sizes fit this manual pull out thing my friend told me about. Well, i know videos work properly on my old comp, but i dunno if i would be better off with a better computer for like the software and if i get gps stuff. thanks for your help. oh, spectrrr, how fast is the minumum that you would suggest? i'd probably need a new motherboard too, so i'd like to keep both combined under like 150ish. thanks.