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Building CarPc: home PC or Laptop parts?

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  • Building CarPc: home PC or Laptop parts?

    what would be the best way to go?
    i have two pcs in room right now, not being used... i'm ready to slap them in my car, but... BUT.... if it's better to go on the laptop parts route... then i have to know.

    If you guys can help me out here, the pcs in my room are just gathering dust, but turned on time to time to make sure they are still running good.

    I'm tired of using MDs in my car, and i'm really totally tired of using CDs (i hate them... really i do!) so what better way to (much like all of you already have) UP the ante' on my car's system than to slap a pc in there and really enjoy the enterainment in there... dvds, mp3s, divx, GPS, and wireless internet... c'mon, can't get better than that!!! (AND I KNOW YOU GUYS FEEL THE SAME!... that's a fact! lol)

    I'm willing to buy laptop parts if it makes everything easier... but c'mon... there has to be a way to use these parts in my room! what do you guys think?

    what should i do?

    please help this noob with some serious knowlege..

    oh and yeah, i searched... both here and google on how to start going about this... so i'm doing all of this by ear... winging the hell out of it
    I get bored easy....

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    Well, if this guy can do it as simply as he did, what are you waiting for. buy an inverter and hook her up!
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      lol, i read that thread... really i did... but it just still isn't enough for me to just be like "ok here I go!!!" granted... he did get that **** up and running lol, and i have NO doubt in my mind that i can do it... i've made McGuiver say "holy **** man... you can do that? with that?" lol

      i need specs on the better inverter to use.. i don't want to make a p.o.s. ya know... this car's actually going on car shows later on once all my modding is done.

      but never EVER have i let someone else do soemthing to my car that i can't do myself. such as this pc thing.... help a little hispanic boy out lol

      specs ppl... SPECS!!!

      and all i plan on running is a hdd (with more than enough space), dvd/cd-rw, wireless net connection (for when i'm around a hotspot... and around my area there's alot lol), nothing big ya know... just something to have fun with and have ppl say "ooh... ah... purdy...AND it burns cds" lol
      I get bored easy....