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What about this to start with?

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  • What about this to start with?

    Ive been looking at cases and motherboards etc and I found this, what do you guys reckon?

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    Well only probelm with that is, i cant find it in the us. Great item!


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      Originally posted by zijester
      Well only probelm with that is, i cant find it in the us. Great item!
      I found it for *only* $759 (that's the starting price, it can go higher) go here
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        that's a really neat case!!!Go for it

        OMG!!! i just realised what a bargain that is!!!!!!


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          what about that

          315$ + 23$ ups ground
          very cool...might get one


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            So that is a good starting point then

            I was thinking that case,
            2 gig celeron chip
            either a 40gig laptop hdd or 120 gig desktop hdd (desktop drive is half the price of laptop drive)
            512 mg DDR ram

            What would the soundcard built into that motherboard be like though? is it worth getting a 5.1 one and a tv card?


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              That seems expensive to me. You haven't even bought the screen yet and your pushing almost 1 grand and you still need a power solution.

              I have a thread in the link below that seems to me like a better solution for less money. However, if you have the money, disregard.



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                I really need to buy in Europe, things over here arent as cheap as in the states, and if I buy from the states I have to add the delivery costs and import taxs on to it not to mention being stung for exchange rates. I have a few contatcs for the bits so I can see what I can do.
                If it wasnt for the above Id be ordering my stuff now


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                  Now for the taxes, if someone in the US bought it and just shipped it over there does it still become taxable like they jsut shipped it as a gift kind of thing ? Just wondering becuase it could be a way around some of the hefty taxes.


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                    You can do it as gift but if it gets damaged or stolen you run into problems.