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Sony Vaio Laptop... 95 Land Cruiser

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  • Sony Vaio Laptop... 95 Land Cruiser

    Hi everyone... awesome forum!... been checking out all the posts...

    I have just picked up a 95 Toyota LandCruiser to use for showing real estate. I have recently replaced my Sony Vaio PCG-F270 laptop w/ a newer Dell. The Sony has a great 15" screen, DVD, P2, etc and was really nice when I got it a few years ago. I would like to resurrect this thing Frankenstein style, use it for GPS/navigation, DVD, and maybe an mp3 here 'n there. I'm very new to all of this, so please bear w/ my newbie questions:

    The main question I have is the viability of the idea of using the 15" screen. Sure I could just mount the whole damn laptop in front of my console, and have wires running all over the place... BUT, what is the possibility of detaching the whole laptop screen and using that as my main viewing screen, flush-mounting it in my dash? Is there a way to wire the lcd and use the laptop base from a remote location (maybe elsewhere in the dash, under a seat or in the armrest console)? I checked for room and luckily the LandCruiser has a large console area which would fit the screen, and even angle it a few degrees toward the driver.

    Does anyone have experience relocating A/C /heater controls and a couple other simple switch-like buttons?

    What does it take to make the computer start up when the car is turned on and shut down when I stop? I fried my battery long ago and Sony batteries seem to be about the most expensive item on earth... do I absolutely need one in order to shutdown? Alternatively, could I just manually start up and shut down the computer when I want, and just run power to it, regardless of ignition position?

    Does anyone know of threads on this board that talk @ using laptops W/ the screens? Everyone seems to want to use laptops w/ broken screens and add a little 7" screen... I know 15" screen is a little large, but how cool would that be?

    Thanks in advance for all your comments! --Matt