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  • wish me luck

    Finally have all of the components, and a friend is going to help me with the install. He's an install lead at Circuit City, so we're taking the car there to do the install (plus I'm sure I'll need more cable and all, so it will be convenient). Only things I am currently without are the GPS and the XM PCR, bu I can easily add them later this month.

    Any last minute tips on running the wire/fuse for the Opus90 that I may have missed?

    I'll try to get some pics, but don't really have a digital camera, so might be tough.
    2000 Monte Carlo SS - CarPC FINALLY INSTALLED!!!

    CarPC: VIA EPIA-M10000, Xenarc 700TSV, 20G 2.5" HD, Opus 90W, Targus USB DVD/CD-ROM

    Audio: Audigy 2 USB, Alpine 4 Channel Amp, 2 x Alpine 300W 6x9, 2 x Alpine 200W 6.5 (sub coming soon)